Book an Oktoberfest theme for your party, company meeting or birthday party. The booking agency Evenses offers various themed parties for different occasions. Oktoberfest is a festival where German music is played, people dance and there is lots of beer. The traditional German lederhosen and the dirndls are indispensable at a crazy party like Oktoberfest. The best schlager hits will be played and will undoubtedly lead to a full dance floor and lots of singing. A full program with 4 hours of non-stop entertainment plus an interactive music quiz; an all-around singer entertainer and a DJ will provide an unforgettable experience.


Oktoberfest is an annual folk festival in Munich. It is considered the largest beer festival in the world and more than five million people attend every year. It is a huge festival where conviviality is most important. Would you like to book Oktoberfest for your party, celebration or event? This party theme can be booked for your wedding, birthday party, dinner, reception or anniversary party.  


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