Are you organizing a wedding?  Our booking office deals with wedding wishes all the time. You can hire your band, DJ or soloist for your big day. For the musical accompaniment of your wedding, it is important to book the right artist. The Evenses event manager can help you arrange your wedding day and make it fantastic. Besides the wedding ceremony, arranging the master of ceremonies, the wedding dress and visiting venues, the choice of music is crucial. Light and sound are of the essence for the bride and groom’s perfect day.

For any wedding, we offer many different types of options. Evenses works with many professional artists. Our musicians can be divided among soloists, duos, trios and bands. Have you thought about what type of artist would you prefer to book? If you want party music at your wedding to get up and dance, you can hire a party DJ. Our DJ’s master all styles and are available in all genres. When booking a DJ, You can choose from the genres; all-around, top-40, urban, vinyl, disco and house. You can also book a musician to accompany the DJ. This way you can book a wedding DJ with a saxophonist, violinist, percussionist or vocalist with your wedding DJ. Or bands are often booked to provide background music during the ceremony for weddings. Jazz bands are a popular choice. If you are a lover of party music, you can book a cover band. Would you prefer a solo musician? In that case, hire one of our singers.

Organising a wedding

We also offer wedding photography for hire,  to complete your wedding day. We offer various professional photographers specialised in wedding photography who will capture the wedding for you. If you prefer pictures from a standing perspective, you can hire a photo booth or a video guestbook. You can always contact us about hiring artists and acts and request a quote without obligation for your memorable day.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.