Hire a photographer

Would you like to book a photographer for your wedding, business party or birthday? Check out what we have to offer below for the most artistic and qualified photographers. The photographers from Evenses Entertainment industry are suitable for everything from a wedding to a portrait photography session. What could be better than to capture one of the best experiences of your life forever? Our photographers ensure that this is done in a professional manner.


All photographers are personally hand-picked based on professionalism, experience and style. This is done by means of an introductory meeting and a test shoot, in which we select only the best photographers. In this way, we guarantee a professional, attentive photographer who delivers beautiful photos to you after the event. The photos are always delivered digitally. The photographers walk around during your event and will provide the most beautiful pictures. You can also use our photographers to take photos of all the guests upon arrival



Book a photographer for your festival, business party or reception



It is also possible to book a videographer at Evenses. Our videographers have extensive experience with filming for various occasions, such as business and birthday parties, and are also specialized in making wedding documentaries. We work as standard with a complete package, including all necessary equipment and its assembly. If you have any special personal wishes, we will, of course, take this into account. Are you interested in booking an Evenses photographer? Request a no-obligation offer. We are available 24/7 by phone and e-mail for your questions regarding hiring a photographer.






bruidsfotograaf huren
Wedding photographer
The wedding photographer makes a beautiful wedding documentary of your marriage and special day
295,-price on requesta
bedrijfsfeest fotoreportage boekingen
Business photography
Business photography of your event, opening or business party provided by a top photographer.
295,-price on requesta
wedding nanny huren bruiloft
Wedding Nanny
A babysitter for your wedding, for children from 0 to 12 years.
350,-price on requesta
fotograaf boeken evenement
Photographer Johan
Professional photos for your party, dinner or event.
445,-price on requesta
Screen Shot 2019 07 09 at 3
Videographer Common Wisdom
A professional videographer to beautifully capture your wedding or any event.
600,-price on requesta