Gypsy Jazz

World music from all over the world is very popular in the UK. One of the reasons is an increasing need to give authenticity to an occasion. What is also more and more striking is that Gypsy Jazz musicians are increasing in popularity. It might be a good idea to give this genre a try for your event.


What is Gypsy Jazz?

Gypsy Jazz on your occasion

What is Gypsy Jazz?

Gypsy jazz is a specific type of music style that originated in the 1930s. This type of jazz is famously known as gypsy jazz, as it has many influences from gypsy music.

The Belgian Django Reinhardt was inspired by the original music of the Roma and Sinti and is also seen as the founder of the Jazz Manouche Swing. In Belgium, the genre quickly caught on, after which it soon reached France, here it goes around as the hot club de France.

Gypsy jazz is known as a cheerful music style with an enormously unique sound. At the moment, it is Stochelo Rosenberg who represents gypsy jazz worldwide with his Rosenberg trio. Besides all these famous and big names, there are a lot of musicians who have followed in their footsteps. That is why there is now also the possibility to hire this special jazz style live at your home.

Gypsy Jazz on your occasion

Are you looking for live Gypsy Jazz musicians? Evenses is happy to help you make the right choice for a new style! In addition to these artists, there are many other artists who are ready to perform for your occasion.

Evenses is available 7 days a week to answer all questions. Would you like to apply for Gypsy Jazz music for your wedding, anniversary or other occasion? Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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