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Simon Gars
100% match

Simon Gars

7 Reviews

Exclusive show with a DJ & a live saxophonist!

£450 - £1125
Saxophonist Sarah
100% match

Saxophonist Sarah

12 Reviews

Also known as, The Swarovski Saxophonist, Sarah will add a special sparkle to any event!

£1500 - £2700
Do you want to book a saxophonist? Evenses offers professional saxophonists
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Do you want to hire a saxophonist for your upcoming birthday, wedding or business party?

Evenses has a wide range of different wedding saxophone players, British saxophonists, jazz saxophonists, saxophonist shows and even more types of sax performances and saxophone music! The saxophone is known for the serene tone it produces. In jazz, pop and even classical music it is a highly appreciated instrument.

Evenses offers different options with regard to a saxophone player; for example, it is also possible to book a band, DJ or other instrumentalists along with the saxophonist. We will do everything in our power to make your wishes come true; that is just one of the reasons why Evenses obtained a customer rating of 9.5/10!

Book a solo saxophonist with a complete sound

Performance comes standard with a professional sound set where the saxophonist plays with a tape, so the performance (despite being only one saxophonist) still has a complete sound. We will take care of all the costs associated with the sax UK performance. A saxophone price will include all the travel costs and equipment needed. Consider hiring a wedding saxophonist for your big day! Make your wedding reception unforgettable.

Hire a saxophonist for your wedding, birthday or business dinner

If you are interested in booking a saxophonist or would like to obtain information about everything Evenses has to offer, you can always call us. We are available 24/7 by telephone. Alternatively, please send us an e-mail or request a no-obligation offer via the site. We’d love to help you out with booking a saxophonist.

Blog about Saxophonists

Is your spouse crazy about music and you want to give him a nice surprise for his 45th birthday? Are you responsible for the organization of the company dinner this month and want to make sure that your feet get off the floor after dinner? Or are you organizing a swinging 1930s theme party with friends and you want to evoke a retro atomosphere? In these cases and many others, booking a saxophonist is perhaps a very good idea. As an instrument, the saxophone can be part of countless acts, from bands that provide relaxing background music to ensembles that keep your guests dancing throughout the evening.

Booking a saxophonist may not be the first thing you think of when organizing a party or event, but the saxophone may be of more added value to your party or event than you think. A good saxophonist can play songs himself and accompany the acts of others, therefore booking a saxophonist gives you countless options in the musical field. In addition, it will also be an original surprise for your guests as they surely will be blown away by a unique musical show.

At Evenses, we have a wide range of professional saxophonists that we collaborate with very often. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect saxophonist for your party. You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, by e-mail, or telephone. If you want to look around yourself first, you can already make a first move with the help of our search engine. In addition, we will also delve deeper into the history of the saxophone below and give some tips for booking a saxophonist for your party or event.

A piece of saxophone history

In contrast to other instruments, the history of the saxophone is well documented and known. The inventor of the saxophone was a Belgian instrument maker Adolphe Sax who named the instrument after himself. Sax started developing the saxophone around the year 1840 and had it patented in France six years later.

Legend has it that Sax actually invented the saxophone by accident when he was working on an ophicleid, a French wind instrument from the nineteenth century. According to the French composer and conductor Louis Hector Berlioz, Sax came up with the idea when he put the mouthpiece of a clarinet on an ophicleid. Sax was also a specialist in the field of copper instruments, to which he made countless improvements over the years. For example, the bass clarinet was also designed by the Sax.

The saxophone, sometimes called the sax in abbreviated form, is a wind instrument that is generally made of copper. Despite that fact, the saxophone belongs to the instrument family of the woodwinds, which also includes the recorder and clarinet. This is because a saxophonist produces sound with the help of a vibrating woody piece of reed rather than with lips vibrating within a mouthpiece. This is the same case for members of the brass family that also includes the trumpet and the trombone. By blowing into the mouthpiece of the saxophone, the reed will vibrate and the sound will travel through the body of the instrument.

The saxophone family is a separate family within the category of copper instruments. These include, among others, the soprillo (or piccolo saxophone), the smallest saxophone in the world, the alto saxophone (or alto sax or simply alto), the most common type of saxophone, and the bass saxophone, which is one of the lowest saxophones in range. The saxophone family also has several other members that differ based on the range and shape of the instrument. When booking a saxophonist, the performer himself will also be able to tell you more about the type of saxophone that he or she plays and how it is suitable for your party or event.

Some extra information about booking a saxophonist

Booking a saxophonist does not differ much from booking a guitarist or a harpist and does not have to be complicated at all. Just like other instruments, there are also specific things you should pay know when booking a saxophonist for your party. Here is a little more information about what a professional saxophonist can do for you and your guests based on a few standard questions.

What does a saxophonist have to offer?

Before booking a saxophonist, it is good to have an idea of what kind of music you would like to hear during your party or event. The saxophone is a versatile instrument and can therefore be used as part of various music styles, from pop covers and classical music, to swinging jazz and nostalgic blues music. Although a saxophonist is adaptable to many styles, ultimately we recommend going for a saxophonist who mainly focuses on the music style that you have in mind for the party. Live saxophone music has a certain unique energy to it and booking a saxophonist ensures that your guests will be presented with a memorable performance.

For what kind of events is it a good idea to book a saxophonist?

The great thing about the saxophone and its' sound is that it can perfectly suit very different types of environments. Do you simply want to celebrate a special day with your partner with an extensive dinner at home? Have a saxophone soloist come by for an hour or two to provide the evening with the right romantic tones. Are you getting married and want to turn the ceremony into an event that people will remember for years to come? A saxophone trio is excellent for giving some extra volume to the big moment. Are you organizing a disco party for your son and want to surprise him and his friends? Book a saxophonist who can play energetic covers of famous pop songs over backing tracks of the original songs. Even though a saxophonist is a good idea for almost any kind of party, ultimately Evenses will help you discover the perfect way to incorporate a saxophonist into your specific event.

What does a saxophonist generally need for his act?

One of the advantages of booking a saxophonist is that the saxophone requires little space. Of course, the performer must have enough room to move around comfortably, especially if you want them to bring a little energy into the music. Overall, space will generally not be a problem when booking a saxophonist and they can mostly pay at any venue, inside or outside.

It goes without saying that the artist will take their saxophone with them, but usually they might choose to bring their own sound system and sheet music. It is a good idea to communicate with the saxophonist to go through what is necessary in terms of equipment and whether you have to take care of something yourself. For example, it is useful to ask they need an amplifier or other electronic equipment. Doing this will allow both parties to be on the same page and make everything clear, so that there will be no hidden costs coming up later on in the process.

What Evenses can do for you

If you have never booked a saxophonist for a party or event, we recommend that you seek the help of a party with experience. At Evenses, we have a broad portfolio of saxophonists, including blues saxophonists, saxophone ensembles, and classical saxophonists suitable for all kinds of parties. From weddings and ceremonies to theme parties and corporate events, we can get you a professional saxophonist that can create a spectacular show both musically and visually.

Evenses has been active in the world of entertainment and artist bookings for awhile and we have booked hundreds of different acts over the years. With the help of the search engine on our website you can start exploring the options available. You can then also contact our event specialists seven days a week with questions about booking a saxophonist. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses, you can assume that we will book the saxophonist that fits perfectly with the party or event that you are going to organize.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.