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Do you want to hire a saxophonist for your upcoming birthday, wedding or business party?


Evenses has a wide range of different wedding saxophone players, British saxophonists, jazz saxophonists, saxophonist shows and even more types of sax performances and saxophone music! The saxophone is known for the serene tone it produces. In jazz, pop and even classical music it is a highly appreciated instrument.



Evenses offers different options with regard to a saxophone player; for example, it is also possible to book a band, DJ or other instrumentalists along with the saxophonist. We will do everything in our power to make your wishes come true; that is just one of the reasons why Evenses obtained a customer rating of 9.5/10!



Book a solo saxophonist with a complete sound



Performance comes standard with a professional sound set where the saxophonist plays with a tape, so the performance (despite being only one saxophonist) still has a complete sound. We will take care of all the costs associated with the sax UK performance. A saxophone price will include all the travel costs and equipment needed. Consider hiring a wedding saxophonist for your big day! Make your wedding reception unforgettable.



Hire a saxophonist for your wedding, birthday or business dinner



If you are interested in booking a saxophonist or would like to obtain information about everything Evenses has to offer, you can always call us. We are available 24/7 by telephone. Alternatively, please send us an e-mail or request a no-obligation offer via the site. We’d love to help you out with booking a saxophonist.

View our selection of saxophonists! Feel free to contact us with questions.






Exclusive show with a DJ & a live saxophonist!
450,-price on requesta
hire saxophonist wedding UK
Claire Saxophonist
Truly unforgettable memories with our live saxophonist Claire!
350,-price on requesta
DJ / Live Saxophonist Show
One man, Two acts! Your very own DJ & Saxophonist show!
500,-price on requesta
sa main
Saxophonist Rob
An unforgettable night with a DJ & a live saxophonist!
500,-price on requesta
dj saxophonist book london
Saxophonist Mike
Create a truly unique atmosphere with our professional and talented saxophonist Mike!
500,-price on requesta
Screen Shot 2019 07 18 at 2
David "Sax" Walker
This saxophonist is sure to blow away your guests with his music!
750,-price on requesta
IMG 2928
Sax By Goda
This female saxophonist is perfect for any type of party!
500,-price on requesta