Music entertainment in Liverpool

Liverpool is the perfect city for the tourist attractions and has many things to do. With a lively nightlife, fantastic shops and significant historical landmarks, there's so much to see and enjoy! Liverpool is unquestionably a city remarkably honoured of its past. With its history, heritage and icons – being a home for the musical pioneers of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond- Liverpool is known as a place for the city’s scene and sound today. Indeed, Liverpool is an absolute must-visit city for music lovers. 


Liverpool has a musical culture like no other city in the world. The city was also honoured with a ‘City of Music’ UNESCO in 2015. Undoubtedly, Liverpool is a birthplace for a couple of famous bands, but the city also has numerous fantastic local bands who are keeping Liverpool on the musical field today- Liverpool is still musically renowned. The city’s desire to experiment and push boundaries with the melting pot of cultures and ideas has given Liverpool a vibrant culture of creativity and collaboration. The Liverpool scene is extremely diverse and continues the city’s heritage of producing breath-taking new songs. 



Sound and music experiments?



Yes! Liverpool is a place for the new trend in music. Liverpool is currently known for its psych-rock motives and its home to the Liverpool Psych festival. Never heard about that?



We will give you 4 new Liverpool bands you should be aware of. 



A new art-rock quartet Seatbelts combines art rock, garage rock and post-punk.


The Vryll Society 

The 5-piece rock band became famous for its psych dimensions: filled with cosmic and elegant songs of euphoria. 



With its futuristic approach, the band is a mix of jubilant synths and sweet vocals for a unique, charming listen.



Indie rock and funky never goes out of style. Her’s versatile music, and a unique approach has won the hearts of listeners. 




Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new!



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