Our Singing Waiters here at Evenses are a pair of the most in-demand acts right now! After amazing experiences travelling and entertaining thousands across the world they specialise in bringing a special surprise to your event.


This comedy duo are the finest singing waiters there are, as well as one of the best double acts in the entertainment industry. With amazing harmonies, a repertoire to impress every guest and a fun-filled time of laughter and music! 


Evenses' Singing Waiters have performed together at an array of events, weddings, parties and corporate events, building up the perfect performance which isn't the average show. The guys are always creating the most uplifting atmosphere which will leave you and your guests smiling and laughing even after the performance has finished.


Our Singing Waiters bring a great attitude, a feel-good vibe and banter to everybody with a truly memorable introduction and a brilliant finale. We guarantee this is an act which will keep you star struck for weeks on end.


Our Singing Waiters are completely versatile with their deliveries, and are able to perform as Singing Waiters, surprise singers, undercover singing guests or any scenario to your wishes. Your performance can be entirely tailor made if you require it. 


The Singing Waiters are extremely organised and provide all equipment which is of the highest quality, it can also be used for speeches etc if needed. They are able to assist with services such as drink pouring and liaising with guests prior to the performance in order to make the surprise element even more real. 


Our Singing Waiters have a range of packages to choose from so please let us know what you would like for your event! The show can be tailored for your event and can be a lively as you would like or more refined if required.