The great outdoors of captivating network of caves, the charming Sherwood Forest and Stunning places like Newstead Abbey and Wollaton Hall make Nottingham. It is indeed th**City of Literature and giants of the English language, known for the Robin Hood tales. The city offers the best pubs, bars, cafes and shops in the country - including England's oldest inn!

Our very own A Guy & His Doll, duo Christina & Harry,  and Shona Elizabeth are from Nottingham.


Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall shows Nottingham's history in bicycle trades and was a “prodigy house” in a bold Elizabethan style, shaping English architecture for the decades that followed. Inside you can peruse the Nottingham Natural History Museum, first opened in 1926.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum is the oldest park in the city. The renowned Victorian botanist Samuel Curtis masterminded the Arboretum’s design, and some of the 800 trees growing here now go back to the year the park was established. In summer you can sightsee around the flowerbeds and pause for a moment next to the ornamental lake.

National Justice Museum

The newly rebranded National Justice Museum is a sharply presented interactive attraction, with judges and jailers characters dressed up in period costume and telling you about their responsibilities. Dating back to the 14th century the National Justice Museum is set in a former courthouse. You can explore the underground jail and old gallows, get locked into the stocks and pick up snippets about crime and justice in Nottingham.

Old Market Square

Nottingham has the largest market square in England, almost 5.5 acres in size. We love all the unique items you can find here.

City of Caves

Nottingham is built on caves for hundreds of years. The Celtic name for Nottingham translated to “Place of Caves”, and now you can organise an underground journey through more than a thousand years of history.

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