Are you organizing a party?


Are you organising a party? Of course, you want to host a great party. Your wedding, corporate party or birthday is an important day. You want to enjoy as much as you can of this day, and you want to make a good impression on your guests. But how to do it? What is involved in organising a party? How do you know if you’ve arranged everything? We have made you a helpful checklist and phased plan to turn your event into an awesome party!




Stage 1. Determine the right moment


Which day or time of year is the best? The party programme is not the only factor that decides your party’s success, but also the day you choose to have the party. It is evident that you must consider the season and holidays. But do not forget the big events like (world) championships of soccer and the Tour de France.



Stage 2. Determine your target group


To make your party a success, it is vital to determine your target group in advance. It can vary from friends, staff, clients and strangers. A trend in the event scene ‘what’s in it for me’ plays a more and more critical role to get your guests to attend your event. Take care of the invitation to your party to start with.



Stage 3. Determine the venue


The choice of venue is crucial. A party centre might appeal to you more than a more remote venue. You might have essential preferences that play a part in your decision, accessibility, capacity and parking. Eventually, you will develop your intuitive choices.



Stage 4. Take care of the decorations


An event cannot be a success without good decorations. Sort out the decorations, catering and/or entertainment well in advance, don’t leave this till the last minute. The decoration is the deciding factor for the success of the occasion. 



Stage 5. Make a script


Planning is key. You must determine very carefully all the parts of the programme and who will be responsible for them. This way everybody knows what to do and when to do it. And you have clear guidelines as a backup to make everything go smoothly.



Stage 6. Enjoy


The party cannot be a success if you cannot enjoy it! Take it in and enjoy every moment. Eventually, everything will turn out well, and you will have a successful event.


Entertainment agency Evenses offers DJ’s artists, singers and acts for your anniversary, children’s party, reception or wedding day! Evenses have a wide assortment, and we can organise virtually any kind of party. Make sure that you tell us about all your party wishes and needs. We can make sure that you do not have to worry about a thing other than celebrating your event!


Important things have to be arranged when you’re throwing a party. Evenses offer you a total package to take on your burden as much as possible. Hiring an act includes equipment, instruments, travel costs and the performance, of course. This provides a complete entertainment package. 


All artists for hire at Eveses are personally handpicked based on their professionalism, quality, performance and style. In this way, you can be assured that the act will be a worthy addition to the party. The artists are suited to play at your birthday party, wedding party, theme party, children’s party and many more. Tell us about your wishes, and we can look at the possibilities. The available party acts will bring their own equipment like DJ equipment, sound equipment, a costume when needed etc. Request a quote without obligation. We will help you book the DJ, artist or act for your party.


Party acts or artists? View below our selection of artists suitable for parties. Request a free quote for your favorite!







Live Saxofonist 0
Live Saxophonist
This live saxophonist is a true musician. Bookings are open for receptions, dinners and parties
250,-price on requesta
hire duo UK the best
Their music is creative and unique, often complimented by harmonica, effects and keyboards!
250,-price on requesta
jamie benkert collective corporate entertainment
Up The Funk
Fresh and new for 2018, this band features a familiar face from The X Factor
650,-price on requesta
jazztrio abjazz boeken
AB Jazz
A swinging jazz band that plays a nice original mix of blues, jazz and funk.
495,-price on requesta
Jazzband huren bruiloft diner
Blue Tunes
This stylish and swinging jazz band really electrifies the atmosphere at every occasion!
495,-price on requesta
hire female orchestra
This trio is able to play both electric & acoustic sets with high professionalism at your event
1350,-price on requesta
allround singer book
Singer & Pianist Kim
Our pianist provides pleasant light background music for any event.
300,-price on requesta
wedding violonist London
Violin Moderne
A professional violinist will create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your event
350,-price on requesta
Pianist boeken bruiloft bedrijfsfeest
Classical Pianist Harm
The most calming classic music on piano: a stylish performance provided by our great pianist
250,-price on requesta
IMG 5259
Pianist Lewis
Our pianist provides pleasant light background music for any event.
250,-price on requesta
Jazzband huren diner receptie
This Jazz quartet plays a pleasant mix of blues, bossa nova, and jazz at a high standard!
645,-price on requesta
combo juice cigars boeken
Juice & Cigars
Ranging from beautiful jazz ballads and swinging blues, to the hits of today!
395,-price on requesta
hire saxophonist wedding UK
Claire Saxophonist
Trill unforgettable memories with our live saxophonist Claire!
350,-price on requesta
book suzanna dee for event
Suzanna's has been featured on charting dance hits, successful TV shows & charity singles
2999,-price on requesta
female singer pianist london
Pianist Lara
Lara can take requests on the spot for your event, making your entertainment bespoke & special
375,-price on requesta
Kerstduo boeken diner evenement
Christmas duo Merry Times
This duo will provide beautiful Christmas music live for your dinner and Christmas party.
345,-price on requesta
pop duo for your wedding or event
ChristinaHarry Duo
Looking for unique, fabulous entertainment with a duo – then Christina and Harry is for you!
450,-price on requesta
book a pianist for a wedding
Pianist Leandro
Add a beautiful atmosphere to your event by our fabulous pianist!
300,-price on requesta
bob marley tribute band
Bob Marley Tribute Band
This experienced band put on a great show and can perform all of the best hits.
2000,-price on requesta
jazz band for hire wedding
Jazz Mood
As a full band or cut down to a trio, these classy musicians provide great entertainment
820,-price on requesta