Is one of your children having a birthday soon and would you like to make that occasion an unforgettable evening? Is the annual office drink coming up and you are looking for ways to make it extra special? Or is someone getting married in half a year and you want to make sure everything is organized well in advance. You may not have thought of it yourself, but isn't it worth considering booking the party with the help of an experienced entertainment agency like Evenses?

The complexity of booking a party ultimately depends on how complex you want the party itself to be. If you have never organized a party or event yourself, it is sometimes difficult to estimate what exactly is involved in order to steer the planning in the right direction. As an organizer, a lot of things come to you before, during, and after the party that you might not always be prepard to deal with. At Evenses, we can help you divide and perform the tasks to ensure that you can concentrate on the parts of the party that you find most important.

Consider, for example, the coat check at a birthday party with lots of guests. When people start to arrive, they are usually welcomed and their coats may have to be hung. As soon as they leave, they must be able to get their coats back as soon as possible. If you do this yourself, you will ultimately spend most of your time around the wardrobe instead of amongst your guests. By outsourcing the management of the coat check for the occasion, you can give yourself much more time to entertain your guests and also enjoy the party that you have organized.

Another advantage of having Evenses aid in your event planning can be arranging the catering. Food and drink is one of the most important elements to any event. If a business meeting might have bagels or donuts, then a big party will certainly need some good food and drink options. Your guests will consider the quality of food along with the entertainment when assessing your party. For that reason you can leave the preparation and service of the catering to one of the many professional caterers that we've been working with for years. All you have to do is choose the caterer and the menu that you would like to be available at your event.

Ultimately, you can choose the combination of services and entertainment that you would prefer when organising an event. Do you want to book a party with catering, a DJ, and an impressive laser show? No problem! Are the stage, live acts, and food trucks still missing for the upcoming city party? We can help solve that issue for you if you give us the opportunity!

Booking a party is not necessarily difficult, but given the wide range of options, it is advisable to call in the help of a party with experience in the field of parties and entertainment. At Evenses, we have extensive experience in organizing and booking parties, thanks to the many different occasions that we have dressed up with our customers over the years. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect party.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to explore the options yourself, you can already take a look at all available options using the search engine on our website. In addition, we will delve deeper into what we have to offer at Evenses and why it is a good idea to book your party with us.

You can go either way with Evenses!

The great thing about working with a professional entertainment agency like Evenses is that you can take your event in several different directions. An additional point of view from a professional entertainment agency can have a lot of added value to a company or person planning an event for the first time. In addition, with Evenses, you have instant access to all sorts of acts, services, and other forms of entertainment that you can imagine for your party. If you have an idea or specific request for an act that isn't listed on our website, ultmately we will still work hard to get what you are looking for! For inspiration you can take a look at our website and see what interests you for your next event.

As an organizer you surely want people to remember your party positively. In addition to organizing a fantastic party full of entertainment and good food, you can ensure that all guests go home with a nice farewell gift. A photo booth is a great way to give a party favor since it prints out photos immediately after taken. Everyone likes to receive a gift, especially when it is a surprise, so this way you will remember your party for a long time.

As an organiser, you certainly want to avoid your guests from getting bored or restless at the event you have worked hard on. The extent to which you want to keep people active, for example on the dance floor, naturally depends largely on the type of party that you organize. You surely would like to see people dance at a big block party, but might not be necessary at a seated corporate dinner. Keep this in mind, but don't hesitate to plan activities during the party to keep people happy and active. We can help you organise games, workshops, and even video guestbooks to keep everyone interactive and having a good time.

Do you want to plan a festival for your small town? Keep in mind the options exclusive for outdoor events to make your party fill in the area. How about a huge barbecue and a live band, for example? And setting up a complete cocktail bar where various drinks are served in pieces of fruit, such as a coconut or a pineapple? For garden parties and other occasions, you can go to Evenses for a wide range of original ideas, professional services, and unique acts.

Finally, it is often nice to make a guestbook for the occasion. You may think that this is a bit old-fashioned, but nothing could be further from the truth. By asking your guests to sign the guestbook, you can have a very nice recollection about your party and everyone that came. At the same time you can let your guests feel that their presence is valued and that you would like to think back about their message that you have written into the guestbook.

What Evenses can do for you

Certainly for people who have never booked a party before, such a booking can seem a bit complicated. In general it is not that difficult, but it is smart to get help from a company that has experience with booking parties in the UK. At Evenses, we have taken care of hundreds of bookings for different customers for very different types of occasions, and we are happy to use that experience to help you find the options that fits your occasion perfectly. Not only can we help you explore the options available, but also negotiate prices and details with the entertainment suppliers you desire. In this way, you can be sure you have experienced event specialists on your side and will have your event planned in no time at all!

If you are looking to plan a party, event, or festival for any occasion, please feel free to reach out to our event specialists seven days a week. You can reach us by email, telephone, or simply by submitting a request form for the act or service you are looking to book. We look forward to hearing from you and working dilligently on making your party goals a reality!

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.