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Do you ever so often organize drinks and a party with friends from the neighborhood and is it your turn as the organizer for the next time? Is your uncle's birthday coming soon and would you like to surprise him with a cozy get-together with some family and friends? Or are you a big fan of the blues yourself and would you like to use this genre as a theme at the next party? It may be a stupid question from us, but have you ever thought about booking blues music for the party or event you are going to organize?

In case this sounds a little vague to you, let's explain briefly what we mean by booking blues. With this we refer not so much only to booking a blues act for your party, although we can of course do that for you, but rather to offering support in setting up and running a party or event with blues music or a blues theme. Since every customer is different, just like every party, booking blues at Evenses can take countless different forms.

If you don't have much experience with organizing events yourself or if you just don't like the whole preparation that precedes a party, you can choose to leave the preparation and setting up of the party to us. From building stages and connecting light and sound installations to looking for the ideal caterer and booking the perfect live act, you can come to us. All we need is your ideas and input.

However, that does not mean that we cannot do anything for you if you want to be and remain closely involved during the planning and preparation of the party that you are going to organize. On the contrary, in such cases Evenses functions as the perfect assistant. This way you can leave the tasks and activities that you do not feel like or have time for to us, and spend more time on the things that you cannot or do not want to hand over. For example, do you already have a clear idea of the food and drink you want to see at the party, but don't feel like going to the caterers yourself? Then leave that to us. Or are you organizing a theme party and are you looking for some inspiration to complete it all? As an experienced party planner in the UK, we can absolutely help you with that.

As a result of the variety that exists when we talk about booking a blues party in the UK, it can sometimes be difficult to know which options and acts would suit your party or event best. For that reason, it is useful to work with an experienced party like Evenses when you are going to book a party with the theme of the blues. Not only do we have an extensive portfolio of professional suppliers and live acts, but we have also arranged countless bookings for very different customers and occasions over the years. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available, so that you can book the perfect blues party.

Whatever type of entertainment you are looking for, at Evenses we are happy to help you find and book the ideal options for your party or event. To get started, you can already take a look at our website. You can use the search engine to scroll through the profiles of all live acts in our offer, among other things by filtering on the type of party and the budget you can spend. In addition, you will also find a number of reviews from people who have already worked with, or seen a show by, the blues artists in question. That can help you on your way to booking a blues theme. Furthermore, our bookers and entertainment specialists are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail and telephone.

What exactly is blues and what kinds of variations are there?

Blues is one of those music genres whose elements can be found in many other genres. As a result, many variations of the original blues have emerged since the early twentieth century, when the blues was establishing itself in the Western consciousness as a fully-fledged music genre. These original blues are sometimes referred to as classic blues and artists such as Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson were the first stars of the blues.

This type of blues originates mainly from the American Mississippi Delta and from there has spread throughout the rest of the country, mixing with local music styles was inevitable. Hence, all types of blues have specific characteristics that will certainly be recognized by connoisseurs, despite the fact that many of the existing variations also have a lot of similarities in rhythm, tonality, and feel. For those considering booking anything from blues for a party, we therefore thought it was both useful and interesting to take a look at some of the blues types most listened to.

Delta blues

The Delta blues is, as we wrote before, seen as the starting point of the blues genre that had its heyday in the twenties and thirties of the twentieth. The typical image of the Delta blues artist is that of the traveling man in a suit with an acoustic guitar, but although this type of music is mainly acoustic in nature, there were often enough other instruments such as the piano and the harmonica to be heard. Well-known Delta blues names include Robert Johnson, Son House, and Skip James, just to name a few.

Chicago blues

When many Mississippi Delta artists at one point began moving north in the country in search of work and a better life, they took their music with them. Artists like Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, and Buddy Guy made a name for themselves in the 1950s with their new form of blues music adapted to the big city of Chicago. The most striking thing about the Chicago blues compared to the Delta blues is the more energetic sound. Since the music in Chicago often had to be heard well in clubs, the volume went up, and electric guitars and other instruments were added.

Memphis blues

When the blues arrived in Memphis, Tennessee, it found a very developed and especially varied music tradition, consisting of other genres such as country, jazz, and vaudeville. This resulted in a different form of blues on which jazz had a lot of influence, resulting in a relaxed, sophisticated form of blues. If you want to hear an example of this, then you're in the right place with the world famous BB King, also known as the Beale Street Blues Boy, after Beale Street, the nightlife district of Memphis at the time. Originally from the Delta himself, he really made a name for himself after settling permanently in Tennessee.

Texas blues

Whereas in Tennessee jazz had a great influence on the blues, in Texas much the same was true for rock and roll and the blues. As a result of this mix of genres, the Texas blues has come to be known as a much more energetic and wilder form of blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan is probably the most famous blues exponent from Texas, while bands like The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets are known today for their infectious (but slightly more relaxed) Texas blues.

What Evenses can do for you

Are you going to organize a birthday, a festival, and another kind of party, and would you like to book a blues act for that? Then you've come to the right place at Evenses. From classical solo singers to complete bands, with our help you will find the ideal act for your party in no time. In addition, with our help you can also ensure that the show is supplemented with other entertainment, such as a video screen or an illuminated dance floor, to name a few.

Especially for people who have never booked a blues artist before, such a booking can seem a bit complicated. However, it is not, but it is often wise to call in the help of a party that has experience in booking such acts and services. At Evenses we have arranged countless bookings for all kinds of occasions over the years and we are happy to use that experience to help you find and book the blues theme that is ideal for your event. That way you are not alone and you can also count on the expertise of our bookers and entertainment specialists.

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