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Violinist Moderne
100% match

Violinist Moderne

7 Reviews

A professional violinist will create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your event

£350 - £875
100% match


10 Reviews

Their music is creative and unique, often complimented by harmonica, effects and keyboards!

£400 - £1000
100% match


6 Reviews

Swan is a fabulous duo with the sound of a five-piece band!

£600 - £1320
Guitarist Tom
100% match

Guitarist Tom

5 Reviews

A brilliant guitarist and singer for your special event

£350 - £875
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Want to book a musician for your birthday, anniversary, wedding or company party? Evenses offers a wide range of musicians and is the perfect place! From DJs, bands, singers, and instrumentalists, there is a wide range of different choices that our event specialists can help you with.

Do you like fun music and want to turn your occasion into a real party? Then check out our all-round DJs or party bands. If you prefer a quiet setting for your occasion, you can think of duos or singer-pianists. Because of our wide range of musicians, we can also offer you other options. You can rent out a grand piano or simply have an elegant orchestra at your dinner ball.

Book a musician for your wedding, company party or anniversary

We take professionalism and quality very seriously, which is why we have ensured that the performers we offer meet certain qualities. Think of creativity, appearance, and experience. We also offer an all-in price, so that you do not have to worry about extra costs. All of the equipment, PA system, lighting, etc, for the artists, will be arranged if needed.

If you have any questions or would like to go about booking a musician, do not hesitate to contact Evenses. We are happy to help you find the perfect musician for your event. Read the blog below that will explain why it is a good idea to book a musician for your occasion.

7 reasons to book a musician

Music makes life more beautiful. Whether it's the soundtrack of a movie, the music during a festival, or a live orchestra for your wedding day, music can complete an evening and make the experience so much better for everyone. Since there is a variety of different genres and types of musicians, it is clear that a musician can be good for any event possible. Evenses can aid you in the booking process to find the right musician that will fit with your event best. We want to make sure your occasion benefits from a live musician no matter what it takes.

From weddings and birthdays to corporate parties and festivals, a suitable music style can be found for every occasion. For example, picture a professional musician during your Venetian themed party singing old Italian songs while you enjoy a delicious four-course dinner? How about a pop duo that will perform the current top hits for the office during the annual party? By booking a musician, you are investing in the entertainment for your guests and are ensuring that they will leave your event in a great mood.

Evenses is happy to help you find the ideal choice for your party no matter what type of music or artist you are looking for. You can start looking on the website by scrolling through the profiles of the musicians via the search engine. You can filter by type of party, type of event, and budget. In addition, you will also find a large number of reviews of people who have seen a performance by the musician in question. You can also reach us seven days a week, by submitting the form on the website or by leaving us an email or call.

Why is it a good idea to book a musician for live music?

It is one thing to listen to your favourite songs via Spotify and Youtube, but it is a completely different experience when there is a professional musician live at your event. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding, or a festival, the atmosphere of a live performance is always very different than listening to a recording. For that reason, booking a musician would have a massive positive impact on your event.

Live music can be fun in different ways for the people you have invited to a party. It gives them the chance to see a professional artist up close and make the environment more electric. For example, it is not difficult to imagine how booking a jazz musician for a 1920s party would be much more impactful than simply playing music from Spotify. However, in case you still have doubts as to whether it is worthwhile to book a musician, we will go into more depth on some other ways live music can be the perfect addition to your party or event.

Dancing, dancing, and dancing again

Often live music brings life to the party, specifically if you are planning an upbeat celebration or dance. When a musician is playing live music and has interaction with the audience, it is very likely that the guests will be dancing and thoroughly entertained. Not only is that a sign that people are having fun at the party, but it also ensures that your guests interact with each other in a fun and more casual way.

A party to relax

The relaxing effect of music on our body has been thoroughly researched and proven in recent decades. Certainly, music with a slower pace, such as jazz or quiet classical music, can have a positive impact on physical factors such as the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. Several studies have also found the effect of live music on the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This often gets lowered when listening to live music, so booking a musician can actually be positive for the health of your guests. Indeed this might not be proven on case to case basis, but you can certainly do them a favour.

Something different

No matter how you look at it, it is likely that most of your guests will not have the opportunity to attend a live performance every day. By booking a musician for your party or event you can offer your guests this experience. How pleasant would it be to book a musician who can sing children's songs for your son or daughter's birthday? Or how about booking a live Latin trio for an evening of salsa with friends? Booking a musician in this way can make your party one for the books!

Match the act perfectly to your party

Is your father a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen and you want to book a musician who can cover some songs from The Boss? Is it your birthday soon and would you like to hear some of your favourite records from your childhood during the party? Or would you like your wedding to be accompanied by a playlist of your favourite songs? A big advantage of booking a musician is that you generally get to have a lot of input in the songs that are performed by the artist. All artists featured on Evenses are open to customer requests so that your party can have a personal touch and to ensure you get your entertainment exactly how you want it.

Discover new music

You certainly should have at least an idea of what kind of music you want to hear and what kind of musician you want before starting the booking process. You have the opportunity to explore our database of musicians on our website based on music genre and type of party. Certainly, when you are going to book a musician based on music style, chances are that this person also knows many songs that you and your guests have not heard. By playing this live at your party you also get to know new songs within the genre that you like.

Good for the atmosphere

Booking a musician is an excellent way to provide your party or event with some entertainment, especially when the musician is good at interacting with the audience. Live music brings some life to the event and gives people an extra topic for discussion. By booking a live musician, you can keep the guests entertained and have them leaving wanting more.

Evenses can help you book a musician

Are you convinced that a live musician is a good idea for your party, but you are unsure of how to implement that idea? At Evenses, we have a great deal of experience in guiding people in organising events and booking musicians. We are happy to help you find the best option for your idea and turn that into a reality. Booking a musician does not have to be complicated, but it is something that only an experienced company can help make easier than ever.

At Evenses you can choose from a wide range of musicians, music styles, and compositions. In addition to choosing the music style you want, you also need to think about the composition of the act. Are you looking for a soloist, or would a duo or trio suit the event better? Do you prefer a specific instrument, such as a piano, saxophone, or harp? Not only will you find almost every possible style and composition at Evenses, but our bookers and entertainment specialists are also happy to help you explore our extensive range.

If you have questions regarding the booking of a musician, you can contact us via the free quote form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. Our bookers and event specialists are available seven days a week.

Check out our band The Rock Supremes and many others with Evenses.

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