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Wedding band

Hire a wedding band from Evenses for the memorable occasion! Getting married is often one of the most beautiful things you will experience in your life. Many things must be considered: a beautiful wedding cake, a wedding dress, the wedding invitations, a wedding venue and much more. What should certainly not be missed is good live music so that the party becomes one for the books. Good live music during the reception and the ceremony is important. For the evening party, it might be a good idea to use a wedding band as your wedding entertainment.


Why a wedding band?

Booking a band for your wedding

Different compositions


Why a wedding band?

It is a frequently asked question: does a band or DJ want to celebrate the yes-word? Understandably, this is a question that many bridal couples question. A DJ can of course play all kinds of live music that you may want, and a band may be limited in this.

Nowadays, there are many different wedding bands. There is an authentic band for every preference or wish. If you are looking for a specific genre for the wedding or there is a certain theme you want to create, a band can be a great asset.

A live wedding band for your wedding day is also charming because they seek a lot of interaction with the wedding guests. It is nice when that one aunt you have not seen in a while has a chat with the singer and then he also plays her favorite song, live and spontaneously. The band ensures that only music that you want to hear is played.

You do not need to be uncertain about the limitations of the choice of music at this time. With the current talent and experience within the various wedding bands, the repertoires are enormously wide. Also, most artists don't mind studying a song, as long as this is indicated in time.

Your wedding day is a special one and a wedding band ensures that everyone goes crazy. When you rent a band at your wedding, it guarantees that this will happen.


Booking a band for your wedding

If you book a cover band, you don't want to regret the choice afterwards. Due to the enormous range that can be found, this can sometimes be difficult. Perhaps you are also too busy to spend a lot of time on this as there are also a lot of other things to be arranged. Evenses is rated by ThePerfectWedding with a 9.7 when it comes to wedding entertainment and is sealed with the Trustmark.

It might be wise to seek help in finding the right entertainment and wedding band. It can be somewhat difficult to find the right band via social media, which is why Evenses is happy to help you with your search.

We are available 7 days a week to advise, we would like to hear your needs, wishes and preferences so that we can then make a proposal. At Evenses, a proposal is always without obligation, we are only satisfied when you are. Read here the bridal couples who went before you and had their entertainment arranged by Evenses. We are here to also recommend wedding ideas for your and your guests' entertainment.

Different compositions

Every wedding is unique and is celebrated in different ways. In addition, a wedding also consists of more than just the evening party. In addition to a good band, other entertainment is often used.

Wedding trio

A band consisting of 3 band members can be perfect when you have a party around 100 people. Too big a band can also have a negative effect on the party you are going to celebrate. Three-piece bands such as Free Agents or The Rock 'n' Rollers are bands that are often booked when not too many guests are invited, but it needs to be a party.

Not everyone wants a party. Sometimes you just want good and romantic music. If you are looking for that band, the Pop cover band – LUXY is a good choice.

Wedding duo

There are several reasons for choosing a duo. During the ceremony it is very special to hear your favorite song live and flawlessly. A duo can also be used during the start of the evening party, so that a romantic atmosphere is already created. It could be the opening act for a wedding band.

There is also a lot of variation within duos and there is something for everyone. Every bridal couple simply has a unique taste. For example, you can choose to use a classic duo during the reception, or you can choose a pop duo.

Within the pop duos one could choose Ocean Beat.  They are an acoustic duo who offer classy, chilled, versions of modern popular music and ballads which is great background music for dinner and drinks receptions.

Wedding soloist

It is also a great opportunity to use a solo artist for your wedding. Both during the ceremony or reception and during the evening party. The strength of a self-accompanying solo artist is that Evenses has an artist for every budget.

If you really want to experience the romantic fairytale feeling on the magical day, book guitarist singer Singer Sarah. She accompanies herself on the guitar and can interpret every love ballad in her own way.

Of course, we also have a lot of other talent and a great diversity of other entertainment. Evenses is also happy to arrange your entire wedding. Contact us and one of the employees will be happy to discuss your wishes.


Who arranges the technical requirements when I book a wedding band?

By default, a band takes sound technology with up to 150 guests, often they also have a basic light set at their disposal. If more guests are expected, additional equipment can be brought along for a small additional charge. When booking multiple types of entertainment, Evenses takes care of the entire technology.

What if my wedding band is suddenly no longer possible due to illness or force majeure?

Evenses has numerous artists in the network, including at least 40 performances for weddings. There is always a replacement alternative, we offer that guarantee. If no bond is available within the budget, Evenses will finance the remaining amount.

Can I get in touch with the wedding band or artist myself?

Basically, Evenses arranges the entire contact period with regard to the preparation, so our artists can focus on the performance. Of course, there is always the option to arrange an introductory meeting.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.