The wedding of Hannah and Peter: A small insight into the organisation & preperation of their big day...

Organising a wedding can be an overwhelming experience. There is a lot to arrange, and a good chance that you may have little or no experience with booking professional entertainment for your big day. This does not have to be a problem. We would like to give you an impression of how the process goes from searching for entertainment to finally enjoying your party. These are the words of bride Hannah, DJ Maximuss and our event specialist Robin.

When did you get married?

On July 25th 2019, we got married at the Fonmon Castle in Barry. An unforgettable day, which we still look back on with great pleasure!

How did you end up at Evenses?

After going through several websites, we ended up discovering Evenses Entertainment via Google. For this special and unique venue, we naturally also looked for appropriate entertainment in terms of music. We ended up at DJ Maximuss through the Evenses site. Throughout the entire booking process, I (Hannah) had a lot of contact with Robin. We liked this!

How was your experience communicating with Evenses?

During the booking process, I had many different questions about the music styles and expectations of DJ Maximuss. Robin guaranteed that everything was possible and Evenses would provide optimal service which was very reassuring. And as you only get married once, I wanted to make the right decisions. Since there are so many entertainment providers out there, Robin especially encouraged me to express my feelings and thoughts throughout the entire planning process. Communication with Robin went extremely well- he gave me transparent and independent advice. We requested for a DJ with the widest possible range of songs, which is why he recommended DJ Maximuss. Looking back, this was a smart choice!

How was your experience communicating with the DJ?

Before the wedding, I contacted the DJ and forwarded our favourite songs. After a few days, I got a response from the DJ, saying he found all the songs and it would be ready for our wedding day. Great news, of course! I was also aware that the DJ and Robin discussed things beforehand so that everyone was on the same page. That was the most important thing when you're having a party or in this case your wedding party!

Were your wishes and preferences met?

Looking back on our unique wedding in the garden of Fonmon Castle, our wishes and preferences were certainly exceeded. DJ Maximuss played our favourite songs. We were even told by several guests that they liked the variation in his music very much. The sound was well-tuned and we also found DJ Maximuss to be a pleasant person to work with. We were glad that he was just as enthusiastic as we were and that he genuinely wanted to help create an unforgettable party. What he certainly did was think of those present, something that we- as a bridal-couple, sometimes forget or don't even think about. He contributed well to make it a great party for our younger and older guests.

Would you approach Evenses again in the future?

If I were to throw a party again in the future, I would definitely use Evenses Entertainment again. This is due to their service level and customer friendliness. The employees (Robin, in our case) liked to think along with us and always assured us. This meant I had no worries and Evenses ensures you an unforgettable evening to look back on! I could not think of a reason why I should or would like to book with another provider.

How does DJ Maximuss look back at the wedding?

I thought it was great to be able to perform for Hannah and Peter and contribute to their wedding day! I am very pleased that everyone was so positive and can look back on a beautiful evening. I think Robin passed on all the details well and Evenses ensured a successful evening. It is not just a desk, but a transparent and personal office that puts a good party first. As a booking agency, it is extremely important to use the right artists, at the right parties and Evenses can do that like no other! There are many different parties and many different artists, therefore choosing the right artist or DJ, in this case, is not as simple as it seems.

What Evenses does well is that it takes a good look at the wishes and preferences of the customer before contacting an artist. This often takes a little longer, which results in a good and well-thought-of choice being made. I have been able to fill in many gigs for Evenses, and every time I was scheduled, it turned out really well! I am personally very happy with a booking agency like Evenses, which thinks along with me and takes work out of my hands. This allows me to prepare in the best way possible for a performance and to make people like Hannah and Peter happy!

How does Robin look back at the wedding?

I was in communication with Hannah throughout the entire process. We had a month to properly prepare for the event. During the personal introductory meeting, I was able to map out what Hannah was looking for. When she indicated that she also wanted Hindi music, I highly recommended DJ Maximuss. A DJ can easily adapt to the wishes of the bridal couple and the atmosphere of the evening. Hannah and Peter, then, sent me a list, which I forwarded one-on-one to the DJ. Therefore, the DJ had a very good idea of ​​the couple’s music preference. The DJ then (as usual and together with us) contacted the bride and groom. They were introduced to each other and the last details were discussed so that everyone can enjoy the evening without any stress.