Student party

Organising a student party? You recently started a new study and you are already deep into the books. You really feel the need to blow off a lot of steam as a student. In this case all students would love to have a big festival or student party for everyone to forget about the stresses of uni. Having the student body or leaders of a club get together to plan a big event would be a fantastic idea to help out all the students.

The musical interpretation of your student party

Many student associations have a location where they meet weekly for drinks or just for relaxation. Sometimes an external location is booked if there is an annual meeting, for all members. Evenses is in high demand for the musical accompaniment of such student events. In addition to coming up with a theme and finding a location, music is one of the most important elements to make the student evening a success.

Evenses arranges everything needed for your student party, DJ, a famous band, or even a famous singer. A band can consist of different formations, and can cover the hits well. A live band always gives a lot of atmosphere and interaction with the audience. With a DJ you can go on all night! The DJ can respond well to the wishes of the audience and adapt well to the atmosphere. You can also choose to create an extra musical dimension with a combination of a DJ with a saxophonist, a DJ with a violinist or another mix of a DJ with a musician.

Extra entertainment at the location

To make the evening extra spectacular, you could rent a lighted dance floor, which can provide extra atmosphere. In addition, Evenses has photo booths to capture the best memories, so that you can of course enjoy the hilarious images afterwards. If you want to surpass all previous student parties this year, please contact us or request a free quote for organising a student party!

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.