A student party?  Don't let your friends' parties be better than yours! Book your party entertainment at Evenses today.  Read more...


Student parties are one of the most important parts of being a student. You'll cherish the memories when you're older, so don't hold back when planning them!


Some stand out ideas for your student party:


-Dance the night away on an illuminated dance floor!These dance floors can withstand even the most extreme of all student parties, it can withstand all the dancing and spilt drinks in the world. 


-Want to keep a tangible memory of your party? Hire a photo booth and all your friends can keep a photo of their best night out yet, and remember the good times before life got so serious.


-Of course, the drinks are a really integral part of any student party so don't forget to hire a cocktail bar. We also have smoothie and juice bars with alcoholic options as well for a more unique and healthy option.


-A really important part of your student party is also theDJ, which is why we offer all types and genres of DJs that won't break the bank. We have options like Deli-G, he is one of our most popular budget options. These ones are able to provide a spectacular show everyone will be dancing to, without emptying your pockets. We also have DJs for every theme, from Spanish to 80s to Vinyl DJs. If you're looking for something even more interesting you can have a DJ with a Saxophonist or percussionist, or even a Jazz Bandmight make your student party a hit. 



-And lastly what about some exciting and adrenaline-pumping entertainment options? What about a fire show or some dancers, perhaps some candy girls? or even an acrobatic duo could something to really liven up and start the party.



This allows for your party to be the best student party ever we assure it. Your party will be the talk at your Uni and make everyone wish they were invited. 


Contact us 24/7 with your student party dreams and we will try our best to make them into reality.