Book a DJ and sax player

Do you want to hire a DJ and saxophone player?  DJ hire with instrumental accompaniment for your party, wedding or birthday is the ideal opportunity to add extra colour to your event. We have British DJs in various configurations and styles. Evenses works exclusively with professional and experienced DJs and musicians. Disk jockeys and saxophonists are the ultimate combinations for a rousing evening or your special day.


Our DJs and saxophonists are highly professional and personally selected. Artists’ Agency Evenses from Amsterdam (NL) know all their musicians - this way we can truly guarantee quality during your event. If you want to book a DJ of all styles, you can hire a party DJ. Besides being accompanied by a saxophone, our DJs sets can be accompanied by other musical instruments such as the violin, drums, trumpet and acoustic or electric guitar. Our DJs and saxophonists can also perform in different genres. Our DJs like to adapt themselves to your wishes, which of course are paramount! Old-school vinyl or modern digital, everything is possible with our DJs packages.



Hire a DJ and saxophone player for your wedding, party and event!


The costs associated with the DJ with saxophonist are all-inclusive; we do not want you to be faced with surprises. We like to keep in touch with you to discuss your preferences and wishes. We can also relieve you of certain other complications. Do you have a DJ booth, DJ turntable and other DJ gear? Is there sound equipment for your event? We’ll be able to help you solve these issues with our complete DJ package. This comprehensive package comes with Evenses' total and final price. Your favourite live music and sax songs of our sax players would make your big day unforgettable! We have a big range of wedding saxophonists throughout the UK. Saxophone music is highly recommended at your wedding reception or wedding ceremony. Our jazz saxophone players -our favourite sax UK players- will do the best performance at your corporate party or birthday celebration. 


You can always contact our booking office; artist bureau Evenses love to assist you with choosing the best entertainment for your party. Reserve the best DJ with a saxophonist as an instrumental accompaniment for your corporate event, wedding, drinks reception or Gala in order to get the true going-out feeling. The DJ wants you to dance! Take a look below for a selection of our artists and find your suitable saxophonist and DJ below.

DJ and saxophonist: check out our possibilities for DJ & sax for your party, reception and wedding.






dj saxofonist
DJ and Saxophonist
Stunning show with a DJ and a live saxophonist!
595,-price on requesta
hire saxophonist wedding UK
Claire Saxophonist
Trill unforgettable memories with our live saxophonist Claire!
350,-price on requesta
Exclusive show with a DJ & a live saxophonist!
450,-price on requesta
DJ & live saxophonist show
Make your day special with our amazing DJ & saxophonist show!
500,-price on requesta
sa main
Saxophonist Rob
An unforgettable night with a DJ & a live saxophonist!
500,-price on requesta
John Mr
John & Mr. Smith
This DJ and Sax Duo brings your party to the next level with energetic beats.
445,-price on requesta
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This party act combines a top DJ with a saxophonist, percussionist and a female singer
695,-price on requesta
DJ party band for events
With a mix and match of instruments, give you event a fresh and new feel with great music
2300,-price on requesta