Instruments for hire

Hiring instruments  for your wedding, birthday or business dinner? At entertainment agency Evenses you are at the right address for hiring a piano, grand piano or other instruments. You can hire all kinds of instruments with us: string instruments, brass instruments, grand pianos and pianos. The pianos are tuned at the venue. 



We have various brands of pianos and grand pianos, like Yamaha, a well-known brand of (grand) pianos. You can choose from an assortment of pianos and grant pianos, like a silent piano or a digital piano. The size of the grand pianos varies. You can choose a quarter grand piano, half or whole grand piano. The grand pianos are of great quality. The pianos are tuned at the venue, this enables you to enjoy a great performance of your pianist or band. If you wish you can book a pianist with us who can provide the performance. A piano at your event will definitely add to the experience



Have you become enthusiastic about hiring a (grand) piano? If you have any question, just call or email one of our employees. We would like to help you. We are available 24/7 by telephone and email to answer your questions regarding hiring a (grand) piano. 

Check out the possibilities for pianos and grand pianos.






Piano huren
Piano Rental
Rent a beautiful piano for the perfect musical addition to your dinner, reception or event.
275,-price on requesta
IMG 5436 0
A truly remarkable, professional, and experienced wedding pianist
400,-price on requesta
Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest verjaardag
Smart illuminated dance floor
This nice LED dance floor is a good value and affordable option for every party.
395,-price on requesta
dansvloerboeken vlak
Illuminated Disco dance floor
This floor is a classic amongst disco floors with an atmospheric illuminated surface.
445,-price on requesta
Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest evenement
Exclusive illuminated dance floor
Our most advanced dance floor that can take every form and color.
495,-price on requesta
dansvloer inhuren huwelijk
Premium illuminated dance floor
Bright & beautiful colours come from this thin disco dance floor that can display many designs.
445,-price on requesta
Pix1600 5
Deluxe illuminated dance floor
Very bright and nice illuminated dance floor, incorporating all logos and patterns
745,-price on requesta
Licht en geluid verhuren 0
Light and Sound Rental
Light and sound for big, small, or any sized events! Evenses takes care of it.
250,-price on requesta
lasershow 3
Laser Show
A laser show is a real eye-catcher. Great for your party and event.
2999,-price on requesta
Podium huren 0
Stage Rental
All kinds of different stages for every event.
750,-price on requesta
LED dance floor
Exclusive illuminated dance floor
Our most advanced dance floor, which can take on any form and every color.
2999,-price on requesta