The warm sounds of a real grand piano. You can rent a wing for any type of party. The wing rental is available in Belgium and the Netherlands. As a standard, we supply a black Yamaha wing or an equivalent. We can also provide other types, such as a white wing or larger concert wings. 


Our service includes installation, transportation and placement. If there is an elevator or a ramp, we do not charge extra. We can also place the wing in hard to reach places, such as boats and higher levels. We try to match the times of delivery and collection with your requirements. 


Do you want to rent a wing for your party, event or wedding? Contact us for a quote and more information about the piano rental. 



- A 24-hour delivery is standard: including installation, transport and placement on the ground floor. 

- Longer rental periods are available (upon the previous discussion). 

- Placement on higher floors is also available by consultation.