Are you getting married in the summer next year and you have already begun preparing the festivities? Has your father finally made the big decision to retire after a long successful career, and you would like to put him in the limelight for the occasion? Or are you thinking about organizing a cosy, informal, reception with your partner to end the year in an appropriate style? Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, it might be a very good idea to book the reception. Since it is quite possible that you have not considered this possibility, we will briefly explain what a reception is and what we mean by booking one. Read more

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Everything you must know about planning a wedding reception: book our entertainment possibilities for your wedding reception!


There is a good chance that you have already experienced a reception. Receptions come in countless forms and compositions, but what they all have in common is a festive celebration from people. The guests in most cases of the reception that you want to organize, come to congratulate one or more people on a milestone in their lives. This can be a wedding day or a birthday, but also a farewell or a party for an important day or period of the year, such as Easter or New Year.


But what do we mean by booking a reception? We can help you make your dream reception a reality. Are you really looking forward to the upcoming event, but are you a little hesitant about getting started with all the preparations? Then you can contact us, explain to us in detail what you have in mind, and let us arrange it all. Do you like preparing and organising the reception as much as attending it yourself? Then you can contact us to help you with the things that you don't really like, so that you can concentrate on the things that you cannot or will not give away.


In addition, booking a reception also brings another major benefit to you as an organiser. Of course it depends on the size of the event, but as the organiser of a reception a lot can come your way. So much so, that even during the reception you are constantly busy with all kinds of organisational matters, so that you cannot enjoy what you have set up. By calling in the help of a party such as Evenses, you can have more time to socialise with your guests and enjoy the catering that you have arranged.


Booking entertainment for a reception does not necessarily have to be complicated, but given the many options in the UK, it is advisable to seek the help of a party with experience. At Evenses, we have an extensive range of services and entertainment that we have already booked for countless receptions, including professional caterers, live bands, and entertainment for children. We are happy to make that expertise available to you so that your reception exceeds your expectations.


You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the request form on our website, by e-mail, or telephone. If you first want to explore the options yourself, then you can use the search engine on our website to take a look at all we have to offer for receptions of all types. In addition, below, for inspiration and to help you in advance, we will list a few suggestions from our side to make your reception a success.


Some suggestions from Evenses

One of the big advantages of working with an accredited and experienced party planner like Evenses, is that we have experienced it all before. Every party or event is of course different, but after so many years in the sector, there are few challenges that we have no answer to. Certainly for people who have never organised a reception before, it may not always be clear what exactly is possible. For that reason we will set out below a few suggestions from our side, based on our own knowledge and experience with regard to receptions.


A live solo artist for an intimate atmosphere

You may be surprised, but for many receptions we are asked to book a live singer for the organiser. This could be a classical singer who brings some acoustic songs or a jazz artist who sings some chill songs in the background of the reception while your guests enjoy a nice drink. Whether you are looking for a small-scale opsteps or a blast from a private concert, the live artists in our portfolio are ready.


Or do it big and book a band

From pop bands and jazz bands to rock bands and tribute bands, at Evenses we can book a band in no time that fits perfectly with your reception. There are few better ways to bring some life into the party and get people onto the dance floor than a smashing performance from a live band. In addition, we can also offer complete orchestras with a composition that you can determine yourself. That is, for example, an ideal and very popular option for weddings and receptions.


A picture is worth a thousand words

That may sound a bit cliché, but that doesn't make it any less true. For that reason it is often a splendid idea to hire a professional photographer for the occasion. We can help you with booking all kinds of photography services, including professional wedding photographers to capture the most important moments forever. It is also possible to book a photo booth through Evenses, complete with accessories for crazy photos and personalised frames for the photos.


Make sure the food and drinks are prepared

One of the things that most people always remember from a party or event is the food and drink that is served there. This is an important task, because there is no chance that your guests want to sit there all day watching you be excited about your love and starving themselves. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you can call in the help of a professional caterer. Whether you want to serve some tasty snacks together with a good wine or have a fully catered four-course dinner, we can arrange it all for you. All you have to do is contact our entertainment specialists and explain to them exactly what you want to offer during the reception that you are going to organise.


Don't forget the children

It depends entirely on the people who are invited and the time of the reception, but if children come to the event, keep that in mind. Certainly when it concerns young children, arranging some entertainment for them might be the key to having a smoothly operated reception. We can book acts such as magicians or clowns, but we can also come up with very extensive attractions such as bounce houses. This way the kids can have fun and the parents can also enjoy themselves at the reception that you have organised. As an organiser you don't want your guests enjoyment of the festivities to be hindered because they constantly have to keep an eye on their children.



What Evenses can do for you


If you think about booking a reception, we also recommend that you contact a party with experience in that area. At an entertainment agency such as Evenses, we have been working for years with a wide range of suppliers of professional services and acts for receptions, including DJs, sound and light installations, and reliable staff. In addition, we can also put you in touch with catering options to provide your guests with a delicious selection of food and drinks.

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