5 tips to organize your perfect wedding reception


You said ‘yes’ and you are totally over the moon but have you thought about what happens next? Planning the perfect wedding requires time and attention. A lot of things have to be discussed, decided and arranged. At Evenses you can do all of this in one place, or you can hand it over to one of our event managers. We would love to help you make your day unforgettable and help you relax at the same time. 

Of course, choosing wedding dresses and honeymoon destinations are the fun part, but that’s not the only thing. That is why we have drawn up a checklist with key points on how to organise a proper wedding reception.



There are things we cannot arrange; like the wedding budget, dream location and the date. We can advise you to pick a day that holds positive memories or associations for you. Selecting the time well in advance will ensure that your guests will be informed and you will know how many guests will be attending.


Tip #1: Decoration

The decoration is significant as it is the basis of creating the atmosphere you are going for. What do you want to convey to your guests? Do you want a romantic atmosphere or cool and edgy? Decorate the party location tastefully to make your day even more memorable. Also, decoration can be useful to show your guests where to go. For example, by hanging garlands or placing nicely decorated signs!


Tip #2: Welcoming

The guests are arriving at the entrance: everybody is happy and are looking forward to a nice day. If there is a friendly hostess at the door, welcoming the guests, you will be assured that your guests will remain in a good mood. It could also be convenient to have hostesses at the entrance to guide your guests and to show them where the cloakroom and toilets are and to let tell them where they can find you. 


Tip #3: Guestbook

Maybe you drank a little too much at the party, and you can’t remember exactly who was there. Then a video guestbook comes in handy. An even nicer memento of your guests is a video guest book! Every guest at your party can personally make a short video to congratulate you. These movies can also make amusing moments later on when you will watch it again.


Tip #4: Catering

Your guests will want something to eat and drink too, of course. Drinking on an empty stomach is not very wise. You can book your catering option with Evenses. A nice cocktail bar: nothing is too crazy. If you prefer a walking dinner, you can discuss this with us. Feel free to contact our employees to discuss the options. This way we can arrange everything according to your wishes.


Tip #5: Entertainment

And last but not least, the entertainment! The success of the party depends on the band, DJ or singer. At Evenses we work with professional artists, who can deliver every kind of performance. What kind of music would you like to have at your reception? Calm background music or party music? It is possible to book a musician who just plays beautiful instrumental music. Or would you prefer a rousing performance? Book one of our all-around bands who will fulfil your musical wishes. To take your party to the next level, perhaps consider an illuminated dance floor. It is guaranteed that your guests will take to the floor! 

Almost nothing is too crazy at Evenses. These were a few tips and tricks to help you plan a beautiful day. Feel free to contact one of our employees; we will be happy to help. Tell us your wishes and preferences, and together we will come to a suitable plan for your reception. We are available seven days a week by phone or via our web-chat.



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Everything you must know about planning a wedding reception: book our entertainment possibilities for your wedding reception!







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Up The Funk
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