A Festival is always a big production with many moving parts. So why not make it easier and more simple, and book everything for your festival through us. When you book through Evenses we take care of all the details so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.  Read more...



Everyone knows to have the biggest and best festival everyone wants to return to, a couple of things are essential:



A Selection of Good Music

Whether it's a Famous DJ, a Vinyl DJ, or even a Good Jazz Band, music is an essential piece for any festival. Music is one of the main reason people will attend festivals, especially that's why it's important your music artists are professional and can really get the crowd moving. At Evenses we only work with the most professional and skilled artists who are guaranteed to deliver the best experience to your guests time after time. From Martin Garrix, to Paris Hilton, to Deli-G, we can provide all sorts of options to make your music stand out. 


Good Food


Another really essential item to any festival is the food. Starving attendees equals bad reviews. It's also good to provide food for every type of person that's why we suggest options like our Vegan Food Truck, or our Pizza Truck, and beyond those whatever type of food you want for your festival we have plenty of suppliers and caterers who can make your dreams happen. 



Unique Entertainment


Unique entertainment is the perfect way to set your event apart from all the others.  Any kind of entertainment you want we can provide. Even if it's not listed on our website we will find it for you. We recommend exciting things such as a fire show, or Bollywood dancers, to magiciansand fortune-tellers. Find every type of entertainment perfect for any kind of festival. 




What better way for your guests to remember their festival forever than a tangible photo? Providing a photo boothcan be a great way for everyone to remember the fun times they had at the festival. Our photo booths can even be branded if you so desire. 


Liquid Nourishment


Of course another important part of any festival-the drinks. We have all sorts of options like a smoothie bar, juice bar, or . Even the healthier options (Juice bar & Smoothie bar), can be made to have an alcoholic twist if you so desire. Either way, book your drink services with us and make sure your festival-goers will be raving about their experience for years. 



All artists at Evenses are personally handpicked based on their professionality, quality, performance and style. This way you can be sure that that the act will be a great addition to your festival. The artists are suited to play at music festivals, summer festivals, fairs and so on! If you let us know what you would like for your celebration, we can look at the possibilities. The artists will bring their own equipment, like DJ gear, sound technique, costume etc. (when needed). 


Festival: Book a DJ, band, fire show or singer


Contact us at any time 24/7 with your wishes and we will help you book the perfect entertainment for your festival.  


Feel free to request a quote without obligation, we will help you book the DJartist or for your festival.