After a long evening with some friends, have you come to the conclusion that you should organise a festival, but you do not actually know exactly how to tackle it? Is a children's festival organised every year in your neighborhood and are you part of the organising committee? Or is your oldest daughter crazy about outdoor festivals and would like to recreate that typical festival atmosphere for her birthday, complete with live music and food trucks? You might not have thought of it yourself, but isn't it worth considering to book a festival with us? Read more


If you have ever been part of organising a festival, then you probably already know this, but in case this is the first time: as a festival organiser there is a lot to do. From arranging the location and setting up all necessary equipment, to selling tickets and booking entertainment, you are ultimately responsible for everything. That is why we offer our services.


The starting point for us is your idea for the festival in question. After all, it's your event. Based on what you have in mind, together we can look at how we can be of added value for the entire planning process. Whether you are considering handing over only some parts of the organisation or the entire organisation, it does not matter to us. We have experiences with small and large festivals, and our offer contains an enormous number of options for all kinds of festivals.


Booking the ideal festival for your occasion does not have to be difficult, but given the wide range of options in the UK, it is often wise to call in the help of a team with experience in the field of entertainment. Not every festival will match the event that you have in mind. At Evenses, we have an extensive portfolio of reliable suppliers and acts with whom we have worked together at countless events over the years. We are happy to make that expertise available so that you can book the perfect festival, exactly as you imagined.


You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the request form on our website, by e-mail, or telephone. You can always contact them with questions about booking a festival. If you want to start taking a look yourself, you can start exploring the options with the help of the search engine on our website. We have also added a list of some of the most popular festivals in the world below for your entertainment and perhaps for your inspiration.


For inspiration: a few world famous festivals in a row

Since the 1960s, festivals in particular, have become very popular at a rapid pace. Over the past twenty years, there has been tremendous growth in large-scale festivals that last days for thousands and thousands of people. Just think of festivals such as Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Lollapalooza. Although it is certainly possible, we do not assume that you want to organise a festival of such a size, but that does not mean that these success stories cannot bring you good ideas for your own event.


Tomorrowland (Belgium)

The Dutch entertainment and media company ID&T was one of the founders of the very first edition of the festival that is today known as one of the biggest and most impressive festivals in the world. On the various stages you mainly hear electronic music from the best known and most popular artists in the world. Meanwhile, Tomorrowland has become so hugely popular that annual spin-offs are being organized in Atlanta (United States), Sao Paulo (Brazil), and Alpe d'Huez (French Alps).


Carnevale di Venezia (Venice, Italy)

Although electronic music has grown considerably as a genre in recent decades resulting in quite a few EDM and comparable festivals, that does not mean that there are no other types of festivals. In fact, age-old festivals such as Carnevale di Venezia are massive festivals that involve entire cities and regions. It is believed that the first edition of this festival took place in the year 1162, after the Republic of Venice had defeated the Patriarch of Aquileia. These days it is best known for the beautiful, exuberant masks that people wear during the festivities, and for the chic, almost mythical image of it. If you ever want to book a decadent party or festival, images from the Carnevale di Venezia will be a rich source of inspiration.


Coachella (Indio, California, United States)

The official name of Coachella is Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, so people don't just come here every year to enjoy the music, although that is one of the main reasons. Logical as well, since every year the Coachella lineup consists of the most popular artists of the moment from very different genres, from EDM and indie, to pop and hip-hop. The terrain of the festival also offers a lot of space for all kinds of artworks, including groups of statues, huge moving art installations, and drawn works. For this reason, the festival has also become a reference point for artists from all over the world. The combination of the many music genres and the focus on (controversial) art makes Coachella one of the most original and popular festivals of all time, every year.


Burning Man (Black Rock City, Nevada, United States)

If we are talking about original festivals, then we can also put Burning Man in this list. To begin with, the city where it is held, Black Rock City in the US state of Nevada, is not really a city, but a temporary set-up in the middle of the desert. Every year the alternative Burning Man is the moment on the calendar for a worldwide community that comes together during the festival to party on the basis of ten basic principles of the community, including radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, and sociality. To get inspiration and creativity for the festival that you want to organize yourself, there are few richer sources than Burning Man.



What Evenses can do for you


As a specialist in the field of entertainment, we have a wide range of suppliers of services and live acts that are suitable for all kinds of festivals, from a neighborhood party that is primarily intended for the kids, to a commercial festival for which several acts must be booked. Whatever the occasion, Evenses is happy to help you find the ideal options. By booking a festival, you can also it completely unique, especially if you have some things personalised in advance, such as the sides of the food trucks that you would like to book, the stages that you need for performances, or the outfits of the people you need to hire.


You can book DJs, bands, singers, soloists or even orchestras at Evenses for your festival. Are you organising a festival or do you want to book an act for a festival? Then look no further for booking your favorite DJ, cover band, or famous singer! It is even possible to get a fire show or a dance show at your festival via Evenses.


All artists featured on Evenses are personally selected for professionalism, quality, performance, and style. This way you can be sure that the act will be a worthy addition to your festival. The artists are suitable to play at music festivals, summer festivals, fairs and more! If you report it to us, we can always see what the options are. The festival artists that you can rent will (if necessary) take care of everything you need. Such as the DJ equipment, sound technology and possibly a costume etc.

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