SHOUT are a collective of young and talented musicians with amazing chemistry and uniqueness.


Working professionally as individuals for over 10 years, the group has formed to provide a different approach to regular event entertainment. Experimenting with a range of genres, sounds, and approaches, the band has managed to create a formula which has every guest on their feet! 


By combining powerful vocals with modern rap, and rock guitar with propulsive dance synths, SHOUT has created the perfect high energy performance for any event. This helps make both the entertainment and event itself memorable for everyone.


Formed in 2011, the group got to work on creating a fresh new sound, different from anybody else whilst using tracks which are not commonly heard at events. SHOUT is the perfect band for any event that is looking for a unique blend and professional individuals.


Armed with an eclectic mix of fresh chart toppers and classic dance floor fillers, SHOUT is the best party band to get the night started on a great note!