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String City
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String City

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London's most exciting young string quartet is here!

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Offering elegant and lyrical background music to suit all occasions

£600 - £1320
Forbes Trio
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Forbes Trio

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Hire Forbes Trio to take your event to the next level!

£550 - £1000
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Classical orchestra

Do you want to book a classical orchestra for your party, wedding or event? At Evenses you can hire the most beautiful classical ensembles for any occasion. Our orchestras can provide classic musical accompaniment for your occasion with a classy look. The British musicians of our classical music groups are ready to make your event fantastic. Look no further in finding the best orchestra in the UK!

Evenses offer a wide range of music groups. Our classical orchestras can play in the background during your dinner, reception, ceremony or wedding party. If you want more a concert-like feeling, our professional musicians can give your guests a real show in the foreground, which will be incredibly entertaining to the eyes and ears of the audience.

You can also request a selection of classical music to be performed by professional musicians. The orchestra formations can be hired with various orchestral instruments; you might want just strings, for example, a violinist or cellist. You also have the ability to choose a broader orchestra with a pianist, female singer and percussion instruments. Every professional artist of our classical orchestra is contracted personally based on their enthusiasm for their craft, their musicality and their experience.

Hire a classical orchestra for your jubilee, ceremony or event

To receive more information regarding our prices you can request an offer without obligation. This contains costs and the total price that is used by Evenses for the rental of each Orchestra group. Also, scroll down for more information regarding hiring classical orchestras at parties, weddings and events, or contact one of our employees to book a classical orchestra.

Blog about renting a classical orchestra

There are few musical elements that can provide your party with as much elegance and grace than a classical orchestra. If you want to dress up a wedding, celebration, or other chic occasions with some sophisticated entertainment, then booking a classical orchestra is an option worth considering.

The classical music genre has expanded enormously and there are certain styles that fit better with the event that you have in mind than others. At Evenses, we are happy to help you explore our extensive range of classical orchestras that can be booked for all kinds of parties and ceremonies. Are you interested in a piano soloist? An entire orchestra or just a few of violinists? Whatever type of orchestra and composition you are looking for, we are happy to help you find the perfect solution.

For that reason, we are available seven days a week and can be reached by email or phone. You can also start looking for yourself through our catalogue and fill out the quotation form to make a formal request. In addition, we will also elaborate on the different types of classical music and the booking process for a classical orchestra.

What do we mean by a classical orchestra?

From chic ceremonies and weddings to funerals and ceremonies, there are many types of events where sophistication is present. At such events, a classical orchestra is by no means out of tune. In fact, booking a classical orchestra can provide your event with class and originality. However, classical music is a very broad definition and not every style will suit the party you want to organise and the atmosphere you want to evoke among those present.

When thinking of a classical orchestra, you're most likely imagining of an entire stage full of musicians with violins, pianos, cellos, and a conductor that leads the band. This arrangement is mainly used for stage plays or grand theatres and now exactly what you will likely be keen on. You could hire three different soloists to form your own orchestra so that you make the impression grand, but do not have to have a large space or budget. We are happy to help you find the perfect musicians to put together for your event.

Whatever type of party that you are going to organise, a classical orchestra is the right touch of sophistication and romance. For example, you can go for the classical string ensemble that comprises of a violin, viola, and cello. A classical duo plays beautiful classical music with a duo of piano and violin. If you want to do something completely original and offer your guests something they have probably never seen before, then a quartet might be the move. All this and more is possible with the help of Evenses Entertainment.

Some things on booking a classical orchestra

It is not difficult to book a classical orchestra for your celebration ceremony, but it is important to take a few things into account. For example, the size of the ensemble in relation to the space on location, the repertoire that they can play, and the availability on artists' schedule are all factors that make the booking process possible. Of course, your budget will play a big part in hiring an entire orchestra, so make sure to keep that in mind. To help you on your way, we put a few tips below for booking a classical orchestra for your party event.

The size of the orchestra

To begin with, it is useful for you to decide what kind of orchestra you would like to see at your party. Are there certain instruments that you absolutely want to hear? What kind of atmosphere do you want to evoke during the event? Should it be set up as a concert or is the orchestra more likely to play as background music? These questions can help you get an idea of how large the orchestra is that you would like to book. Be sure to check if there is enough room before you book the classical orchestra of your choice because too little space will not make a good show.

Check some material from other performances

Whether you're booking a live band, singer, or orchestra, ultimately it's important. We offer profiles of the classical orchestras with which we collaborate with on our website, and we have listed reviews from clients that have seen a show by the acts.

The price of the orchestra

As an organiser, you will generally also have to deal with a budget. This often goes hand in hand with the location and options you have for booking a classical orchestra. We, therefore, recommend that you inquire about the price of the orchestras that you would like to pay quite early in the booking process. The advantage of an orchestra is that you often have the option to help determine its composition. For example, you can ask whether certain instruments can be added to the ensemble or whether the ensemble is actually slightly reduced due to the available space at the location of the party. This way you normally have a lot more options that fit within your budget. Also, pay attention to other factors such as transport and the necessary equipment needed by the orchestra itself, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises later on.

The type of performance you are looking for

As we wrote before, there are different choices for different forms of a classical orchestra. For that reason it is very important to know the role of the orchestra that you want to book. For example, you can let the orchestra play quiet pieces in the background during a dinner or a reception, but you can also book a classical orchestra that gives an entire concert for your guests. Every set-up has certain specific characteristics in terms of size, instruments, and repertoire, to name just a few factors. An excellent orchestra for concerts is perhaps a lot less suitable for playing background music in the evening, and vice versa. So take into account the type of performance you are looking for when booking a classical orchestra.

Ask for repertoires from the orchestras that you like

One of the big advantages of booking a classical orchestra is that it gives a personal touch to the party or event that you organise. Ask about the repertoire of the bands that you are considering. Certain orchestras have preferences in terms of music style and pieces, while you may also have a few requests yourself. By booking a classical orchestra you can have beautiful music at your grandfather's birthday or for your charity ball dinner party. Normally the ensembles are open to suggestions, so it is always wise to discuss that with them!

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