This Dixieland orchestra is a lovely way to receive guests at your party, reception or shop opening. The orchestra can give a festive and swinging performance whether amongst the crowd or on stage.


The Dixieland orchestra sets the atmosphere at every party or event! The orchestra plays and sings the most entertaining Dixieland music, including familiar songs by André Hazes, Eddy Christiani, Nico Haak, Frank Sinatra, Duke Elington, Louis Armstrong and many more.

The Dixieland orchestra is often requested for performances at shopping centers, fairs, markets or city events. This music performance is not fixed so they can move easily from a spot to another. This act can be also offered with the addition of other artists as well.

The musicians excel in entertainment and performance: they can handle a variety of melodies and outfits like Black Pete, Santa Claus, Snowmen, Dracula, pirates, aviators, cooks, explorers, clowns, sailors and many more!


The orchestra plays and sings the complete repertoire of Saint Nicholas just before or during Christmas: Santa Claus or Snowmen complete the atmosphere with Christmas Carols and winter songs.

They can create the perfect Christmas setting at a market, in a meeting or in a shopping mall!


An extra bass can be added to the four-man orchestra, but a smaller performance with two or three members is also possible. You can add as many artists as you wish.


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