For many adults, coffee is the same as water: a necessity to live. When it comes to any party or event, coffee will usually be consumed no matter the theme. Evenses makes that delicious coffee available in several different ways.


Evenses offers a mobile coffee bar complete with a professional barista and all the coffee specialties. Our experienced baristas specialize in making all types of coffee and "latte art". "Latté art" literally means milk art. Our baristas make beautiful forms of milk in the foam layer of your coffee such as a heart, a tree leaf or an apple. The baristas are happy to explain more about this beautiful product, the method of preparation, and the origin of the coffee that they serve at the event.


Evenses offers tailor-made solutions for the coffee bar that you want to rent. For example, it offers a bar for both large and small parties that can be personalized to your own liking. For example, it is possible to personalize the bar by placing your logo on the bar, the card, and even the clothing of the coffee makers. Another option is to provide the bar with LED lighting. There is also the possibility to design the bar according to your own theme.


When you rent the coffee bar, we offer the services for 4 hours with fresh decoration, coffee cards, glassware, necessary equipment, bar staff with appropriate clothing, construction, dismantling, 100 consumptions, and transport costs. Of course we will gladly adjust the package to the specifications of your occasion. On this page you will find photos and films of what the espresso bar looks like.


Do you want to rent a coffee bar for your event, trade show, corporate event or party? Request a quote without obligation. Of course you can always call or email us with all your questions.