This LED Show can be prearranged for an opening display or intermezzo performance at events, business parties or festivals. It has been also used in many theaters, clubs and birthday parties.

They make every show unique and individual, with the special equipment! They combine dance and LED to deliver a stunning entertainment.


Various texts and images can be displayed: brand and company names, logos or product images. Wedding, birthday and Christmas wishes can be articulated in a spectacular way with this special LED show. Each display can fit about 4 texts and 10 images and every text or image remains on the screen for few seconds to give the audience the opportunity to view and read it. We always have a chat with the client beforehand in order to ensure that everything matches the requirements. A show should last around 5 minutes.


Do you want to book a LED lightshow for your event, wedding or party?

This act can be booked through Evenses, both for your staff party or opening ceremony.

Fill out the request form and contact us with no obligation, we are available all the week to answer all your questions.