Hire entertainment for your après-ski party! Are you going to organize a fun party soon and are you still looking for a fun theme? Or are you going to organize a company party in the theme of après-ski? How do you handle such an après-ski party well? What does it take to make it a fabulous party? Which artists or band suits the party best? We will take you through the possibilities that exist and how you can give the guests the feeling that you are all together in a real après-ski hut between the slopes in Tyrol.


The literal translation of Après-ski is after skiing. It can be compared to the nineteenth hole in golf or the third slope in football. It originally referred to putting on comfortable boots after walking in ski boots all day. Now everyone thinks of the word après-ski of going out, dancing and partying after a nice long day of skiing.

Après-ski party

Everyone who has ever been on winter sports has of course also been to an après-ski party. A popular custom is that the ski clothes remain on during après-skiing. In a stylish wooden ski hut at the bottom of the slopes. Naturally, this includes the necessary drinks and snacks that are served by the staff. While there are not many ski slopes in the UK, the après-ski parties are not skipped. The location is then transformed into an après-ski hut with accompanying hunting trophies and skis on the wall.

Après-ski hits

In the UK, après ski is also considered a music style. It does not matter whether you have never been to winter sports or which après-ski bars you have been to. There are après-ski hits that belong anytime, anywhere. As soon as the tune sounds and the singer starts to sing, everyone sings along with their full heart.

A few well-known après-ski hits that everyone is guaranteed to know are of course; “Anton aus Tirol”, “Mama Laudaaa”, and “Atemlos durch die Nacht”. What is characteristic of an après-ski hit is that the sing-along content must be high, the lyrics not too difficult and the beat danceable. Already existing songs are often covered into real après-ski hits.

Après-ski artists

There are many different options in booking artists for an après ski party. The most important thing is that the artist(s) sense the atmosphere and adjust the music accordingly. We at Evenses have a wide range of artists who are suitable for an Après-ski party.

An option is to book a DJ and live musician. The DJ provides the nice beats and the musician completes it. A combination that guarantees a full dance floor. At Evenses you can also book artists who, in addition to singing, also play the records themselves.

If you really want to unpack it, you can of course also book a well-known musician or band for your party.

What can Evenses do for you?

Are you going to organize an Après-ski party and are you still looking for entertainment to fill the party? Then Evenses can help you with this. Evenses has a huge network of artists that can be used at your après-ski party. Get your après-ski outfit out of the closet and fancy and dance with one of our artists.

Or do you not yet know what kind of party you want to organize and you would like to add an après-ski theme to the party, but you do not know where to start? We can of course also help you with that. We are happy to discuss your wishes, so that we can organize a fun and unforgettable party with you. We are available seven days a week, you can call us or send us an email.


What does Après-Ski mean?
The literal translation of Après ski is “after skiing”. It used to refer to taking off the ski boots and (finally) putting on comfortable snow boots. Today it refers more to all social activities after skiing.

How do I know if this act is the right act for my occasion?
First of all, think carefully about the atmosphere and the overall picture that you want at your party. Take the wishes of your guests into account, but also listen to your own feelings. View the demos and read any additional information. Of course you can always call or email us. We are available 7 days a week for all your questions.

How do I make sure you know what kind of performance I want?
When everything is clear, you know what kind of atmosphere you want to create and what the overall picture should look like. Also think carefully about a logical and smooth course of your party. The more you know, the easier we can help you. We will contact you by telephone to get acquainted and to discuss all your wishes and preferences. We can always advise you if you have any questions about this.

I myself have already booked other acts with another offering. Can I still book?
This is certainly possible. We would be happy to discuss the course of the evening with you, so that the whole process is logical with the correct structure.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.