Working method

We would like to inform you about our working method. Read the information below carefully and send us a read receipt.


1. Evo Booker


Your act is already or will soon be added to our website and with that you will also be placed in our booking system Evo Booker. Evo Booker is the current booking system that Evenses works with and there are no additional costs for you. With this booking system, we can link you to an application /option/booking, so that you receive all the information in an e-mail from us in time.


2. Promotion and marketing


We invest a lot in online findability, Google Adwords, banners, Facebook, remarketing, websites and online specialists. Your Evenses act name will also be promoted. It is not allowed to use the unique Evenses act name in the future or there must be an exclusive cooperation between you and Evenses.


3. Option


We ask you to secure an option for the following period:

Booking within 14 days7 days fix option
Booking within 15-30 days14 days fix option
Booking within 1-3 monthsSecure 1 month option
Booking within 4-12 months2 months fix option
Booking beyond 12 months 3 months fix option

When the period has expired and you have heard nothing from us, you can cancel the option without consultation. Of course we try to keep you informed about the status of the option as much as possible. If you get an application during the option time for the same time, would you like to inform us? We then check the status of the application.


4. Booking


- We ask you to always contact the customer by telephone at least one or two weeks before the booking in order to get acquainted and to go through the customer's wishes. If there are any uncertainties consult this always before booking with your Evenses contact person. We are available 7 days a week on telephone number 085-7920202 (NL) or 02-8084961 (BE), also in the evenings and weekends.
- Immediately upon arrival, present yourself to the customer and/or contact person on location (see the call sheet for his / her name).
- Dress code: neat and well-kept clothing (forexample: men in suits and ladies in a nicely dressed dress or nice set).
- Do not consume alcohol and/or cigarettes during bookings, unless the customer/contact person on location has offered this to you.
- During the performance, let yourself be seen (where possible). This will be more subdued when playing background music.
- Make sure you have already eaten before the booking! Only for longer bookings can you ask for a meal (this is done in close consultation with the customer).
- Be friendly and enthusiastic to the customer at all times
- In the unlikely event of a calamity, call the customer and Evenses immediately. Keep the customer and Evenses informed.
- On the day and/or evening itself: at the request of the customer to play longer / deliver, please inform the customer that any extra costs are involved and that the additional costs are billed by Evenses afterwards. Do not forget to inform us about the extra time/play delivered within two days after booking. If you wait longer, we will no longer be able to invoice the extra costs and also not pay you.
- Re-bookings only go through Evenses.
- We would like to receive feedback from you after the booking (in short). Consider: how do you think the booking has expired, was the customer satisfied, were you on time, did all equipment work properly? etc.


5. Payout


- Please email your invoice, artist's report or KVR to [email protected] within one week of the booking. Payment will be made within 30 days after the booking. Payment in advance is not possible.
- The fee agreed before the booking is used for the payment. Afterwards, no extra costs can be charged.
- In the invoice, please state the date of the booking, name supplied item and location of place name.
- The billing address that you can keep on the invoice is:

Evenses B.V.
Oudeschans 85-4
1011 KW Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce: 66942357
VAT: NL856762441B01


6. Business cards


We would like to receive your postal address by e-mail so that we can send you our business cards. Own business cards for bookings via Evenses are not allowed.
In order for your act to stay on our website, we require a confirmation that these terms have been read and understood by every member of your act.
We can remove the position of our on our website at any point if these terms are not fully understood and practised. 
We understand that some of these terms may take time to understand so please feel free to get in contact with us regarding any questions you may have. 
We do need a response from this email confirming that all members have read and understood these terms!
We thank you so much for wanting to work with us and we cannot be more grateful for your cooperation.