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Organizing a spectacular event at your club?


Undoubtedly music is the most important part of your club, and we're here to help make your event stand out. Have your guests raving about how spectacular the DJ and live music was, and have them wanting to come back for more. Read more...

Music is a wonderful addition to create a great atmosphere for a party at your club. Evenses can arrange a band or a DJ that best suits your club party. It is very important that the right artists perform at your club party. We are happy to arrange the light and sound for your club event.



There are always great ideas to discuss for a club party. Evenses works with professional artists. Our musicians can be divided into soloists, duos, trio and bands. If you really want to throw a party, we recommend a DJ or a cover band, we have a lot of DJ 's and different cover bands in our database. We have a Disc Jockey or a band available for every genre.




For example, if you are going to have a drinks party and you want people to be able to talk to each other, it is a better idea to book a jazz band. If you are a fan of party music instead, a cover band is a good choice. If you prefer soul, we have several options available. You can always contact us about hiring artists and acts for parties at your club. Request a quote without obligation for your perfect association party. 

Our top recommendations

DJ and SaxophonistDJ en Saxofonist boeken | www.evenses.comDJ Maximuss huren | www.evenses.comDJ met Saxofonist boeken | www.evenses.comDJ Percussionist Saxofoon voor bruiloft of feest | www.Evenses.comAllround Feest DJ EvensesDJ met saxofonist voor bruiloft, huwelijk, trouwfeest | te boeken op www.Evenses.comDJ and SaxophonistDJ and SaxophonistDJ and SaxophonistDJ and SaxophonistDJ and SaxophonistDJ and Saxophonist

DJ and Saxophonist

2 Reviews
Suitable for:Party, Dinner

Stunning show with a DJ and a live saxophonist!

DJ Kix House DJ boeken | www.evenses.comDJ 80s & 90s feest huren | www.Evenses.comJaren 90 muziek bruiloft en themafeest | www.Evenses.comFeest jaren 80 90 dj | www.Evenses.comDJ Kix DJ Kix DJ Kix Feest DJ boeken | | Party DJ Gezocht?DJ Kix DJ Kix DJ Kix DJ Kix

DJ Kix

3 Reviews

Do you want to give 80’s & 90’s party? DJ Kix plays the best music from those special years.

DJ EraseDJ Maximuss huren | www.evenses.comDJ Percussionist Saxofoon voor bruiloft of feest | www.Evenses.comLounge DJ boeken | www.Evenses.comDJ EraseAchtergrondmuziek DJ huren | www.Evenses.comDJ voor muzikale omlijsting | www.Evenses.comDJ voor achtergrondmuziek | www.Evenses.comDJ EraseDJ EraseDJ Erase

DJ Erase

3 Reviews
Suitable for:Party, Corporate Events
Category:Lounge DJ

Jazz & Lounge DJ Erase provides stylish musical accompaniment to your cocktails or party.

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