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Guitarist Tom
100% match

Guitarist Tom

5 Reviews

A brilliant guitarist and singer for your special event

£350 - £875
Kelly Pepper
100% match

Kelly Pepper

3 Reviews

Delivering powerhouse vocals to every performance, a must have at your next event!

£400 - £1000
Singer Sarah
100% match

Singer Sarah

4 Reviews

A beautifully talented singer and guitarist.

£350 - £875
Mark Janciello
100% match

Mark Janciello

5 Reviews

Mark Janicello is a world renowned Singer/Songwriter/Actor and he is ready to make your event one to remember!

£600 - £2000
Your own living room concert | Evenses Entertainment UK
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Living room concert

Are you planning to organize a living room concert soon? A small-scale performance in an intimate and homely setting. At Evenses there are various options for booking artists.

Living room concert

Over the years, much has changed in terms of culture and entertainment. There is an increasing need for intimacy. A living room concert is a great answer to this. After all, it is personal and intimate.


What is a living room concert?

A living room concert is, as the word suggests, a concert in the living room. The artist really comes to play in your living room. The unique thing about it is the intimate atmosphere. You can invite as many people as you want. You also decide who will come. It offers the artists the opportunity to play unplugged. This means that they perform their actions without amplification or the like.

Why a living room concert?

There are several reasons why people choose a living room concert. Whether it's a dinner or a small birthday party, a living room concert gives something unique every night. The intimate setting ensures that everyone can enjoy the music, but also have the opportunity to catch up. The direct contact with the artist himself also makes it a special experience.

You can offer your guests the opportunity to get to know the artists. This provides a personal touch during the performance. Something that is greatly appreciated.

What kind of music is played during a living room concert?

At Evenses, you will receive a range of artists who have been selected for living room concerts. In consultation, we can see together which artist best suits your wishes and preferences.

Many booked artists are Singer-Songwriters. These singer-songwriters have the opportunity to introduce people to their new music. It also offers them the opportunity to put themselves in the spotlight even more.

It also offers many opportunities for beginning artists. They can gain experience and they are given the opportunity to gain knowledge. Which is important to an artist. They can use this knowledge to sense the atmosphere and to respond to needs.

What can Evenses do for me?

If you are planning to organize a living room concert, we at Evenses can certainly help you. There are many possibilities for the musical interpretation.

Some artists can not only perform the best covers, but also don't mind showing their own music.

Of course it is also possible to book a well-known artist for your living room concert. For more options, you can always contact us to discuss the options.


What does it cost to organize a living room concert?
The price for organizing a living room concert depends on how big you want to tackle it. For a singer-songwriter the price is between £ 300 - £ 800.
The price differs based on a number of factors. This of course has to do with the reputation / experience of the artist. The price is influenced by the length of the playing time, the required sound technology and travel distance.

How long does a living room concert last?
That depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. A performance of one hour is possible, but a full evening program is also part of the possibilities. On average, a set lasts 45 minutes per hour.

How long does it take to build up?
The build does not have to take long. Living room concerts are often unamplified. The artist will be there a little earlier so that the artist can tune his / her piano or guitar. All they need is a chair and a nice spot in your living room.

Can I submit a request number?
It is possible to provide your request number (s) in advance. It is of course also possible to submit a request number on the evening itself.

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