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A fun and exciting rock, pop, party, and indie band!

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The Jungles
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The Jungles

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An experienced and exciting electric band in a trio or duo!

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Summertime 80's Boys
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Summertime 80's Boys

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Hosting an 80’s themed party, or looking for an impressive band to play some of the era’s top hits during you coming event?

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Hire an indie rock band for your event
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Indie Rock

Book an Indie Rock band for your edgy event! Are you getting married soon and still looking for the act that will make your day the perfect wedding? Are you organizing your fiftieth birthday party and are you looking for a musical act to take the party to another level? Maybe you already have something in mind, but have you ever thought about an Indie Rock act? We are happy to help organize your party.


What is Indie Rock?

How did Indie Rock come about?

Indie Rock in the UK

Difference with alternative?


What can Evenses do for you?


What is Indie Rock?

The term Indie stands for independent rock. Indicates independent record labels or bands with their own record labels. Indie is also a name for a genre: the music has a pop-like character but is too alternative to be played on the radio.

How did Indie Rock come about?

In the late 1970s, interest in the punk genre began to decline dramatically, causing many record labels to drop bands. However, tapes were still moving to prove that they don't need the media and record companies to survive. As a result, a whole circuit develops of its own labels, distribution channels and even its own concert halls. Eventually an alternative and, above all, a non-commercial music culture emerged in the eighties.

Indie Rock in the UK

Indie rock started in the UK as well as in the US in the 1970’s. Bands such as the Beatles' and The Kinks' new sound help influenced the indie rock scene. The Smiths are a famous band that was both a successful and established UK indie rock band.

Difference with alternative?

But what exactly is the difference between Indie rock and alternative / alternative rock? In the eighties, music was made under the motto DIY: 'do it yourself'. They believed that music should be made for the love of music and not for the money. This message affected many types of genres such as grunge, lo fi, metal, industrial and house. The collective name for this became 'alternative'. The genre of grunge, in particular, made a major breakthrough in the early nineties and entered the charts. This opened the doors for other genres within the 'alternative sector'. Record companies went completely into this and released one rock act after another. For this reason, Indie is separate from alternative: Indie describes independent record labels and bands. Indie as a genre can be described as an alternative, it includes many different types of music. The best known are Indie Rock and Indie Pop.


Today, Indie does not mean more independence. Nowadays, it is about music that has a pop-like character, but is too alternative for the radio. Well-known Indie Rock bands from 2020 are:

- The Kooks

The Kooks' Luke Pritchard, Hugh Harris, Peter Denton, Alexis Nuñez, all know each other from Brighton Music College. In 2005, they decided to start a band there. The Kooks quickly spread across the internet and grew rapidly. They released their debut album in 2006 called Inside In / Inside Out. Popular songs from this album are ‘Naïve’ and ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’, reaching the top 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

- Cage The Elephant

Founded in 2006, Cage The Elephant is an American indie rock band. The band released their debut album in 2009. The second album called "Thank You, Happy Birthday" entered the Billboard 200 at No. 2 in 2011. Both albums were produced by Jay Joyce of Jive Records. In total, Cage The Elephant has released seven albums by 2020: Cage The Elephant (2009), Live at Grimey's (2010), Thank You Happy Birthday (2011), Melophobia (2013), Tell Me I'm Pretty (2015), Unpeeled (2017) and Social Cues (2019).

- Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys is a British Indie Rock band formed in 2002. The band consists of Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Nick O'Malley and Matthew Helders. In 2005, the band gained name recognition through the internet. In 2006, they released their debut album 'Whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not'. This became the UK's best-selling debut album. Like the album, the two singles 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor' and 'When The Sun Goes Down' reached number 1. A year later (2007), the second album, Favorite Worst Nightmare, followed with lead single "Brianstorm". In 2009, the band released their third album 'Humbug', produced by Josh Homme and James Ford.

- The Growlers

The Growlers was founded in 2006. On their first three albums - Are You In Or Out? (2009), Hot Tropics (2010) and Hung at Heart (2013) - The Growlers combined different types of sub-genres such as vintage surf rock with slow-burn. The album Chinese Fountain (2014) introduced a hint of disco, inspired in part by the move to Los Angeles. The album City Club (2016) brought The Growlers together with the producer Julian Casablancas. In 2019, the band released their self-produced album Natural Affair.

- Hippo Campus

Indie Rock band Hippo Campus was formed in 2013 by members Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton, Whistler Allen and since 2017 also DeCarlo Jackson. In 2014 they released their own EP 'Bashful Creatures'. After this, the band signed with the label Grand Jury Records. Hippo Campus released their second EP in 2017 called South. Hippo Campus also released their first album 'Landmark' in 2017.

- Wallows

The Indie Rock band Wallows consists of the members Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston and Dylan Minette. The band started releasing songs independently in 2017. Their first single 'Pleaser' took second place in the Spotify Global Viral 50 list. In 2018 the band signed with Atlantic Records. Wallows released their debut album in 2019, called Nothing Happens.

What Evenses can do for you

Especially for people who have never booked or organized an Indie Rock act before, such a booking can seem a bit complicated. However, it is not, but we can imagine that any help is welcome. Evenses has years of experience, so we can help you with everything. We are happy to discuss your wishes, so that together we can find the perfect act. We are always available. You can call us or send us an email.


What does a band cost?

As guidelines you can think of the following prices:

£ 0 - £ 500 Hobby band
£ 500 - £ 1000 Small band
£ 1000 - £ 2000 Semi - professional band
£ 2000 - £ 3000 Professional band
£ 3000 - £ 5000 Premium band
£ 5000 + Well-known band

The exact price depends on several factors: quality, reputation, size, duration of the performance, the required sound technology and the travel costs. This jointly determines the total price of the requested band.

What songs do bands play at a wedding?

The bands have a repertoire of songs from which they play. However, they are often open to suggestions and requests. However, it is nice to indicate this well before booking, so that they can practice. On the evening itself, requests can be at the expense of the construction of the set and through this the enjoyment of the guests. If a requested number is not in the repertoire then several bands are willing to study 1 or 2 songs.

How long does a band play?

A standard performance often consists of 3 sets of 45 minutes. This is divided over a period of 3 - 3.5 hours. Shorter performances are also possible. The maximum playing time of most bands is 4 sets of 40 minutes. This can be divided over a period of 4 to 5 hours.

Is the band taking breaks?

To be able to perform the performance in a pleasant, professional and enthusiastic way, the band needs to take a break from time to time. Up to 1 hour performance is performed without pauses by default. For longer performances, you can assume that there will be a break of about 15 minutes per hour.

What happens in the breaks?

During the breaks, the band provides atmospheric music which they play over their sound system. The music is of course in line with the music that is played during the performance. Some bands come with a DJ, who will take care of the music. Of course, you can also book a DJ for breaks with all bands.

How long does it take to build up?

The build-up of bands takes about 45 minutes with 3 to 4 members. With larger bands this takes 1 to 1.5 hours. We always adapt the amount of equipment to the group size. If the group is very large (more than 175 people), the set-up time will also be longer.

How long in advance will the band be ready?

By default, the band is ready to start 30 minutes prior to the performance. This means that everything has been built up and sound checked. It is also possible to agree that the band is ready to start earlier in advance. The band members will of course spend more time on the assignment, so we will charge a fee for this waiting time. You can agree on the amount of this compensation in advance with Evenses.

Does the band need a stage?

Usually a band doesn't need a stage. Often, they can play in a free part of the room if it is not raised. Depending on the room layout and the number of people present, a stage can be an added value. This way the musicians are more visible to the audience. Bands that often require a stage are premium bands and well-known bands.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.