So, you want to book a workshop?At Evenses you can book various workshops, such as a sushi workshop or cocktail workshop. Making sushi with a group and eating it afterwards is a fantastic group activity. During the sushi workshop, you learn to make various kinds of sushi. Read more...



There are various packages possible, and it is ideal for, for example, an interactive business trip, a family party or simply an outing with a group of friends. During the cocktail workshop, you learn to make a great cocktail. You learn to make various types of traditional cocktails like a Mojito, Jellyfish, and Cosmopolitan.


You can book the workshop for up to nine persons and it takes an hour. There are various packages available, and it is also possible to make alcohol free cocktails during the workshop.



Book a workshop for your staff trip or family day.


We offer complete workshop packages. The sushi workshop, cocktail workshop, and graffiti workshop can be booked for your home or on location. For every workshop everything will be provided; you only have to enjoy the making and eating of your own, self-made products.


The workshops are offered in various packages to appeal to everyone’s tastes. We offer workshops across the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you have any questions? Just contact us.

Book a workshop? The best workshops can be found here at Evenses. Do you have questions about booking a workshop? Please contact us via phone or email.
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