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Are you organising a lustrum for the society to celebrate the 5 year anniversary? The savings packages have been collected again and all possible society fines have been put in the lustrum reserve with only one goal: a week or two with all members going wild with all different activities planned per day. This often happens after a well-filled lustrum year with all kinds of exceptional activities. In general, lustres are appropriate for all types of associations, such as study associations, sports associations, fraternities or even the year club, but the biggest one is often the lustrum of the student association. But now you are probably in the lustrum board, the lustrum committee or even the committee for one of the days of the lustrum and you have to organise all things concerning the lustrum. For this you don't necessarily want to put in the most effort, and then you've come to the right place. We are able to take care of many things for you.


Lustrum opportunities for every association

However, a lustrum often differs very much per type of association. A lustrum year for a study association is organised very differently from a lustrum year for a student association, but there are also similarities between the associations. To start with the activities which are organised in every lustrum year, organising a lustrum gala is one of them.

Lustrum gala
A lustrum gala is a must for every association to organise. A fraternity for instance can celebrate a grand gala with all the seniors. But also the study association, which normally focuses on extensive congresses with great speakers during the lustrum, often offers a big party with a separate lustrum gala. An anniversary gala is important for every association and we, as an entertainment agency, can help. We offer total packages in theme, where everything is included. So imagine that you have found the perfect location for the lustrum, then we will find all the bands, such as The Party Collective, the corresponding technique and the light shows. Don't forget the illuminated dance floor for the lustrum. What we offer in any case is a fully catered service for the perfect lustrum gala. Something more in the theme of Casino Royale? For that too we can set up casino tables during the gala with professional croupiers.

Lustra for student associations

As a student union you probably plan one day of the lustrum with your committee or you are responsible for the overall tasks. This is all necessary, because a lustrum of 10 days for example is very big and for that reason needs a lot of manpower to be able to celebrate every day in detail. Thus, next to the gala day you will often also have club days, where the entertainment on the female and male side of the association must be divided during the lustrum. The goal is to bring all clubs of the association together at the end of the day and have one big party. During the day it might be a nice idea to set up cocktail bars, schedule suitable DJs and set up graffiti workshops as activities at your lustrum. On the women's side, it might be fun to plan a sushi workshop in addition to the cocktail bars. It is all possible!

Do you have a secret day at the lustrum? Then it might even be fun to choose a mystery theme to run on that night. We offer many different complete themed event packages, in which we arrange the entertainment, music, decorations and everything else for you during the lustrum.


Lustrum for the study association

Lustres for study associations always have big parties as well, but they know how to shift the focus a little more to narrowing the gap between the study and the professional field. This is often done by organising conferences with interesting speakers on topics related to the study association, or they go for the classic lustrum networking drinks. For all these events, we as a booking agency can certainly be engaged. We offer many speakers who know how to talk about very different themes. So for every anniversary there is an appropriate speaker who knows how to bring something new to the members.

It is clear that for each anniversary there is a suitable speaker. And even clearer is the fact that we are ready to help with booking the artists, decorations, entertainment and all other matters such as catering and technology. A lustrum is something that you and the association never want to forget. Of course, this only takes place once every five years, and it is often a highlight. The lustrum celebration has to be a party that will be cherished forever. Will you be celebrating the lustrum together with your year club, fraternity, student association or company? Everything is possible. Make it as big and crazy as you want to make your lustrum as unforgettable as possible.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.