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Just Love
100% match

Just Love

12 Reviews

Fun, stylish and modern party band available for every event

£1450 - £2610
New Weekend
100% match

New Weekend

13 Reviews

With both experience and the technique, this band will definitely rock you!

£1030 - £1855
String City
100% match

String City

3 Reviews

London's most exciting young string quartet is here!

£450 - £1125
The Mexican Way
100% match

The Mexican Way

7 Reviews

Spice up your party or event with some Mexican mariachi flair!

£750 - £1650
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Garden Parties

Organising a garden party

Once the summer is back, there is nothing more fun than a garden party. Think of a wonderful outdoor birthday, wedding or a celebration party. But then comes the question: How do I organise a garden party? For that, you are in the right place with Evenses. With Evenses' extensive range, you do not have to worry about organising garden parties. Evenses' range is very diverse, making it a great option for everyone! The event specialists are ready for you to answer your questions and help you find the perfect entertainment for your garden party.

What does it all take to give a successful garden party? Tips for garden parties are always useful! Make sure you know where and when you want to give the garden party. Once you have determined this, you can start thinking about what kind of entertainment you would like at the garden party, how you would like to arrange the catering and what kind of decoration suits the atmosphere of the garden party. For these choices, you need to think about the atmosphere you want to create at the garden party, what kind of guests you invite to the garden party and what is possible at the location. Taking all these points into account is of course quite a chore, but the event specialists from Evenses are happy to help you make a tailor-made choice.

Book a famous artist, a band or a fun act as entertainment at your garden party. Here you can also discuss your wishes for possible decoration with us so that your garden party becomes even more fun! It is also possible to arrange the catering during your garden party. Evenses also has a very extensive range of catering like barbecues, snacks and buffets. Of course, it's fun to capture this fun day to not only keep the memory in mind, but also to have photos and videos to think back on this fantastic day! This is also possible through the wide network of photographers and videographers who are ready to capture your special day. It is also possible to rent a photo booth for your garden party where guests can take nice pictures with each other.

Garden party invitations


As far as it goes, nice invitations are of course also important to keep the invited guests informed of the date, location, time and any theme. You can completely design these invitations to suit the atmosphere and appearance of the garden party. Think of a rustic and classic invitation for your wedding or just a colorful and festive invitation for a birthday. A nice invitation immediately gives the invited people a nice feeling and will make a lot of sense for a garden party.

Decorations for your garden party


Of course, a garden party is not complete without nice decoration, for example in a specific theme. Of course, there are many different types of themes for a garden party. Think of a summer theme party for your garden party wedding or for example a Peaky Blinders theme for your birthday. Nice decorations that match this theme are of course indispensable for your garden party. The decorations will be completely customised to the desired theme and this will create an engaging atmosphere.

Decoration for your garden party can of course be arranged to suit any theme. Think of a summer theme where the location is decorated with lanterns, mood lights and nice signposts towards for example the bar. Of course, it is also possible to arrange decoration that is not selected based on a particular theme. For example, a beautiful flower bow in colors that match the atmosphere of the garden party or, for example, the dress code of the wedding. Pendulums and balloons are also always a good option for decoration for your garden party, as this always gives a festive feeling.

Catering at your garden party

garden party.jpg

Choosing the right catering for a garden party is a difficult task. Eating at a garden party is a fun activity. So making sure you have tasty snacks, a BBQ or a buffet with good food appropriate to your garden party is very important. Opt for a BBQ as food for your garden party in the evening or opt for a high tea buffet with tasty snacks for your garden party during the day. Of course, this choice also depends on the guests who will be present. Think, for example, of children or possible allergies to guests.

Food trucks are very popular today and can also be found at events. This is a fun way of arranging catering at your garden party, as it immediately gives a nice atmosphere to the way the food is presented. There are several food trucks available within Evenses', such as a fryer, ice cream bar or a regular food truck. This ensures that there is an option for all preferences and for young and old.

Cocktails in all kinds, sizes and flavors are also extremely popular today. These sweet and colorful drinks are almost indispensable at summer parties due to the way they look and taste. That's why it's great to rent a mobile cocktail bar at Evenses for your garden party. This would be a perfect option for a garden party with the theme 'cocktail party'.

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