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Andy Jay - Magician
100% match

Andy Jay - Magician

12 Reviews

Book our fun and exciting professional magician who will surprise everyone at your event

£700 - £1540
Cartoonist Silu
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Cartoonist Silu

9 Reviews

Quick, cute, and amazing portraits for your event!

£350 - £700
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2 Reviews

A fun and entertaining clown act perfect for all ages

£350 - £875
Living Statues
100% match

Living Statues

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Everyone knows these 'living statues', they can be booked at Evenses!

£350 - £875
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When thinking about hollowed-out pumpkins and spooky costumes Halloween immediately comes to mind. The holiday has a rich history and has changed over time to what we know today of children knocking on doors for sweets.

More and more people are wanting to have Halloween themed parties. Are you planning to throw a party in the fun theme? Organise your halloween event together with Evenses Entertainment.

What's it all about?

Let's start at the beginning, the name Halloween is comes from Hallow-e'en or All Hallows Eve.

Traditionally, the festival was celebrated in Ireland by the Celtic people. At that time, they celebrated it on November 1. According to the Celtic calendar, the New Year began on November 1. On this day, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day of the Roman Catholic Church were commemorated together.

Over the years, like many traditions, it has moved with the times and changed. In the sixteenth century the English abolished the festival. They thought that this day was marked by the return of the souls of the deceased and the presence of supernatural powers were glorified.

Like everything in the world, in the 19th century Halloween also reached the United States. On October 31st all the streets got decorated and carved pumpkins line the houses and made the event we know today.

Since the 1980s, Halloween has also become increasingly popular among adults. You see a lot of Halloween influence in horror movies and television series. A notable horror movie based on Halloween is the movie 'Halloween' with the terrifying Micheal Myers as the main character.


The fact that the popularity of Halloween is on the rise can is shown through the increase in the number of parties that happen around that period. There are more and more parties with a scary Halloween theme. With Evenses Entertainment you can book anything you could want for your halloween event.


For the music, the biggest hits like 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson and the theme tune for 'The Ghostbusters' are brought to the table. Most artists at Evenses have these songs in their repertoire. Bands like Arcadium specialise on meeting the theme for your parties and can make your halloween event have an eery feel to it.

DJs such as Dj Mark are also popular at these themed parties. The reason for this is that a DJ can vary even more with their music and adapt their music to meet the vibe and feel of the event.


In addition to the music and accessories, a creepy act should not be missing from the party. Where the horror clowns and the Freddy Kruegers are very popular. You can also book magicians at Evenses who use dark magic for the scariest and funniest magic tricks.

What's not creepy, but is spectacular and fits the exciting and dark feel of Halloween are contortionists or the Aerial & Hoop acts. During these acts, the performer twists in inhumane turns and shoots a bow and arrow with her feet.

You can also rent photo booths at Evenses to give the guests something to remember your halloween party by. Take unlimited photos with your guests in creepy costumes at the party. If you want to make it even more dynamic, the Roaming photographers, entirely in theme, can also come by and capture the guests on an old-fashioned Polaroid.

Are you ready to make your halloween event one to remember? Would you like to discuss the possibilities? Please feel free to contact us. We are available seven days a week for all your questions.

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