Wedding music

Are you finally getting married next year with the love of your life and are you currently in the middle of organizing the big day? Is your eldest daughter getting married in a few months and is the music still one of the parts that need to be properly arranged? Or are you thinking about surprising your wife with a party for your upcoming thirtieth wedding anniversary and would you like to play her favorite music? Whether it's your own wedding or organizing that special day for someone else, it could be a really good idea to book wedding music for the occasion.

When it comes to music booking, wedding music booking is one of the most widely booked types of music. Live music for the walk down the aisle, the wedding dance, or wedding reception. However, it may very well be that you have never been part of the organization of a wedding in any role, so we will briefly explain what we mean by wedding music booking. This can take different forms and can be arranged in many ways.

For example, we have quite a few customers who really enjoy organizing all kinds of parties and events, but who find the whole planning and preparation a lot less amusing. For these customers we can take care of the entire preparation and organization of the party they want to organize. This can range from finding a suitable location and managing the invitations to arranging a caterer and booking a live singer. By taking the preparatory work off their hands, these customers can use their time and energy for other things. All we need to know about them is what kind of party they want to organize and what they have in mind in terms of the end result. It is and will remain their event.

However, it also regularly happens that we work with people who actually enjoy planning the party or event in question just as much as the festivities themselves. That does not mean that we cannot add value to them, on the contrary. In such cases, customers contact us for specific tasks or assignments, such as finding a good caterer or booking a specific live act. It also often happens that we offer support during the party itself, for example by hiring additional staff. The great thing about this formula is that in this way you can leave the tasks that you do not feel like or have time for to an experienced party planner such as Evenses, while you can focus on the things that you cannot or do not want to hand over.

Regarding wedding music: due to all the options out there when it comes to booking wedding music, it can sometimes be difficult to know what exactly is possible and what would suit your occasion best. For that reason, it is useful to work with a party that has experience in the field of such bookings when booking wedding music. Evenses is such a party. Not only do we have a huge range of options, but we have also booked and organized countless weddings for our customers over the years. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available, so that you can book the perfect wedding music for the occasion.

Whatever kind of wedding music you are looking for i.e. classical music or party music, at Evenses we are happy to help you find and book the ideal choice. To get started, you can already take a look at our website. You can use the search engine to scroll through our offer, among other things by filtering on the budget you want to spend. In addition, you will also find a number of reviews from people who have already booked or participated in the live acts in question. Preliminary repertoire views are available per act on our site so you can decide on the wedding ceremony songs. These tips can already help you a bit in terms of booking the ideal wedding music. Furthermore, our bookers and entertainment specialists are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail and telephone.

Special music for a special day

Besides the birth of a child and perhaps one or two other life-defining moments, for the couple getting married, the wedding is one of the most special days of their shared life. It is therefore only natural that for your own wedding you want everything to be perfectly arranged and exactly according to plan. The organization of a wedding can get quite complex, as you may have already experienced yourself, and the music is certainly one of the areas that should be paid attention to. After all, you want your wedding music to set exactly the tone you are looking for. If you go for live music, you can of course choose from different types of acts, some of which we will briefly describe below.

Of course, it all depends on what you have in mind for the big day, but from experience we know that a live orchestra is often one of the most popular options. That's not surprising, given the sense of romance that a professional orchestra can help create. And we are not only talking about huge orchestras, but also about smaller groups of three or four musicians. For example, with us you can book an authentic classical orchestra of which you can even help determine the composition. This will give you exactly the orchestra you had in mind.

Live bands are also popular acts at weddings and wedding days. The great thing about choosing a band is that you can go in many directions with the further interpretation of the music at the wedding. There are a lot of professional and especially very good bands in the UK. Whether you would like to see a tribute band, a jazz band, or a Latin band perform on your big day, at Evenses we have an extensive network of great bands that would suit almost every occasion.

One downside to booking a live orchestra or band is that it takes a relatively large amount of space and preparation to prepare the wedding venue for the show, even if it is a venue where such performances take place more often. However, this does not apply, or at least a lot less, when you go for a live singer. Also, in this area there is a lot of choice in the UK, so it is often smart to call in the help of an experienced entertainment agency such as Evenses. We are happy to help you find and book the perfect live artist for your wedding.

You might not think so, but a few decades ago, before the explosion of electronic music and the profession of DJ in general, the “wedding DJ” was actually one of the most common types of DJs. It is therefore not surprising that today there are still a lot of DJs for weddings available. Of all the options in this list, a live DJ is probably the one that requires the least space and planning, making this an option that can also work perfectly in smaller locations. At Evenses we have contacts with DJs in a wide variety of genres, from all-round DJs and vinyl DJs to disco DJs and DJs accompanied by live instruments, so let us know if you are thinking about hiring a live DJ for the wedding music.

What Evenses can do for you

One of the great advantages of booking wedding music with the help of Evenses is that we already have a lot of experience in booking such entertainment. To give you an insight into the experience of those customers, you can also find extensive reviews on the website about all available options for weddings and wedding days. In combination with the help of our bookers, you can get a good idea of ​​the range and quality of these services and acts before you book.

Would you like more information about the different options, what kind of live entertainment is best for your wedding and what the options are? Please contact one of our Event Specialists or request a proposal without obligation. We will work with you to look at the options and what best suits your needs. In the field of live entertainment, we will arrange everything for you, you do not have to worry about this yourself. We ensure that the live entertainment, which will be at your ceremony, reception and / or wedding party, becomes a success story.

Evenses Entertainment provides professional music for weddings throughout the UK. In recent years we have gained a lot of experience in this and have been able to provide many different types of entertainment at weddings. From live bands and DJs to soloists and photo booths. View our range of entertainment here and feel free to contact one of our Event Specialists, they will be happy to help. Or request a quote from us without obligation. We are happy to help you provide live entertainment with your wedding music.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.