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Violinist Moderne
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Violinist Moderne

7 Reviews

A professional violinist will create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your event

£350 - £875
String City
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String City

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London's most exciting young string quartet is here!

£450 - £1125
Violinist Kate
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Violinist Kate

12 Reviews

A highly trained classical and electric violinist.

£650 - £1430
Violinist Jan
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Violinist Jan

3 Reviews

Jan is an incredible artist with her strings that can blow you away!

£400 - £1000
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Book a violinist to create the perfect ambience during your dinner, wedding, or reception! You have come to the right place: entertainment booking agency, Evenses. You can hire a violinist from us to make your company party, conference, or gala a success. At Evenses you can book violinists as a soloist, as a duo, or as an ensemble. When you book a duo, the violin can be combined with another musical instrument such as a viola, piano, or a cello. This is guaranteed to be the case with an ensemble.

English violinists can be hired to play quiet background music as well as foreground music during your wedding, opening, or dinner. Most violinists who can be booked with us play classical music. However, several of our violinists also make sure to have a good selection of jazz and pop songs to perform as well. All of our violinists are professional musicians who graduated from the conservatory.

The sounds of a violin arise from vibrations of the violin strings as the violinist passes over the violin strings with a bow. Three instruments belong to the violin family, namely the violin, the viola, and the cello- in order of the string instruments from small to large.


Rent a violinist for your dinner, wedding or reception!

Is it your wedding day and you would like to hear some of your favourite songs live in honour of that great occasion? Or is it time for the annual Christmas party in the office again and you are looking for something nice as an organiser for the background entertainment during dinner? Why don't you consider whether it is worth booking a violinist for your event? The sounds of a violin are surprisingly well suited to a wide variety of parties and events. From weddings and ceremonies to festive dinners and theme parties, booking a violinist might be an idea to set your event to the next level.

The versatility of the violin as an instrument gives you lots of options in terms of the music style that can be played. A violinist as a soloist can be a wonderful addition to the occasion, while, for example, a classical trio with a piano and a singer can keep all your guests on the dance floor all evening. By booking a violinist you can go in many directions with how you would like your entertainment to benefit the party or event.

For that reason, it is also a good idea to form an idea of the party that you are going to organise and the type of live music you have in mind before you book a violinist. At Evenses, we have devoted ourselves to planning parties and providing entertainment for all kinds of events for years. Thanks to this experience, we have an extensive range of professional violinists that we've worked with numerous times before. This way we know exactly which violinist fits best with each type of party and are happy to make that expertise available to our customers so that you can book the perfect violinist for your party or event.

You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you want to take a look first, you can get started by using the search engine on our website. We also find it helpful to delve a little deeper into the history of the violin, so we will also give some tips that will be useful when booking a violinist.

A Piece of Violin History

The violin belongs to the string instruments, an instrument family with a past that goes back thousands of years. The lyre, a stringed instrument that is also seen as a precursor of the harp, was already a popular instrument in classical antiquity. Remnant art and literature from ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Indian empire, both centuries BC, also contain lute-like instruments and other types of string instruments.

These instruments, however, differ considerably from what we know as the modern violin. The origin of the violin as we know it is not exactly known, but it is generally agreed that the instrument is directly descended from the Arab rebab, a violin-like stringed instrument that was distributed through Arab traders around the eighth century in parts of Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Based on the rebab, the Byzantine winch was designed in the Byzantine Empire in the ninth century. Then later, in the eleventh century, the rebec was created which was a violin-like instrument from southern Europe.

In the centuries that followed, the instrument continued to undergo changes and two types emerged: a smaller instrument that could be held in the arm while playing and a larger variant which had to stand between the knees of the artist. The smaller instrument was also called lira da braccio (literally a winch for the poor) in Italian, and the larger variant was called lira da gamba (winch for the legs). Although the lira da braccio was originally seen as a less beautiful and especially less aristocratic instrument at the beginning of the Renaissance, this is the type that eventually became the most popular and from which the modern violin originated.


During the Renaissance, the cities of Brescia and Cremona grew into centres for instrument builders and designers. In the course of the sixteenth century, the first violins were made in their current form in Northern Italy. Thanks to the rise of master violin makers in these cities, including the Stradivari family, the Guarneri family, and the Montagnana family, connoisseurs also call the Golden Age of the violin a period between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The popularity of the instrument grew rapidly, both among the aristocrats and the street musicians, and several of the examples from that time can still be found in museums and private collections today. For example, the Charles XI violin, made in 1560 by the famed violin maker Andrea Amati for the French king Charles XI and nowadays the oldest violin in the world, can be viewed at the Museo del Violino in Cremona.

Tips for booking a violinist

The violin is an instrument that can add value to a party or event in many different ways. This makes booking a violinist an excellent way to give your party a personal touch, but it also ensures that you have to look carefully at which violinist fits best with the party that you have in mind. Certainly, if it is the first time that you are considering booking a violinist, a number of questions may arise during the booking process. To help you get started, we will list a few tips below to make booking a violinist a lot easier.

Variation of the violin

The first thing that is important to know is that by booking a violinist you do not limit yourself in terms of music genre. The violin is generally mentioned in the same breath with classical music, and the instrument is of course extremely suitable for this, but other genres also come into their own with the violin. Think, for example, of energetic folk music, chill jazz music, or just a violin cover of your favourite Top-40 hits. Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" and "Thinking Out Loud" are great examples of songs that a violinist can turn into an enchanting wedding slow dance.

Role during your party

In addition to the music style, the role that the music takes up at your party is also important. There is a big difference between a soloist that plays in the background during a welcome reception and a jazz trio who brings some life to the party after dinner. The violin is suitable for different types of musical combinations, so don't forget to consult this with the violinists that you think are fun.

Few conditions

The way in which the performance of the violinist and the sounds of the violin come into their own during your event depends to a large extent on the location. A violinist generally does not need much, but there must at least be enough room to sit and put down his or her music stand. Depending on the event and location, there may also be a need for an amplifier, so be sure to consult with the artists in question. Furthermore, it is of course always friendly to offer the violinist something to eat and drink, especially if this is explicitly stated in the contract.

Inside or outside

Given the small amount that a violinist needs to be able to make their music heard, it is also possible to book a violinist who performs outdoors. It goes without saying that the weather and the circumstances have to be suitable, but most violinists will enjoy performing outside. Of course, it is wise to discuss this with the violinist in advance if you do desire to have a performance outside.

A touch of elegance

The violin is known as a very refined and elegant instrument, so booking a violinist can provide your event with a touch of class. What could be more atmospheric than a classical violin trio in tuxedos while your guests enjoy their dinner? A nicely decorated live act can give your party that finishing touch that you are looking for.


What Evenses can do for you

If you are thinking about booking a violinist for your party or event, we also recommend that you contact a company with experience in this area. At Evenses, we have been working for years with a wide range of professional violinists, including classical soloists, pop violinists, and jazz ensembles, which do not look out of place on a diverse variety of occasions. In addition, we can also put you in touch with professional violinists who, together with a DJ, can give incredible performances that will impress both musically and visually.

Over the years, Evenses has booked countless of different acts, including several acts with violins. With the help of the search engine on our website, you can already see what your options are. You can also contact our event specialists seven days a week if you have questions about booking a violinist. You can reach us by filling in the quotation form on the website and sending it without obligation, or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you can assume that together we will book the violinist that will fit your party and create a lasting memory.

Perhaps you're looking for something more than setting the right mood and could use a performance that really makes your guests go "Wow!". Check out some of our famous artists, acts and shows that keep our customers coming back for more!

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