Jan was educated at the Royal Northern College of Music and performs in a wide variety of styles and ensembles.

Fluent in improvisation across many genres, she is experienced in standing in with bands and ensembles of all kinds, and has appeared on numerous recorded releases as well as recording for BBC radio. Jan has also participated in a wide range of large-ensemble projects performing on violin or viola, including sacred and secular music, premieres and new works. She has experience in string quartets and trios, piano trios, gypsy jazz ensembles, harmonium quartet, horn trio, and sacred music ensembles.

Jan performs original compositions on violin and loopstation,  incorporating a variety of effects and  techniques to mimic a full string orchestra. Ranging between funky  basslines, gypsy-jazz influenced melodies, and atmospheric layering, Jan creates mellifluous and ululating loops in a wide variety of  styles, all performed live with no pre-recorded samples. Jan's EP Zen Goes Wild was featured on American comedian Chris Hardwick's podcast “Nerdist” and in Nua Nau art magazine.

Jan has performed at numerous venues throughout the UK, including theatres, pubs and festivals, as Jan Halen with violin and loopstation, and as a staple member of The Unknown Stuntmen as well as in the capacity of a stand-in for a variety of festival and party bands.