Are you organizing a dinner party?  We will give you some tips to help you remember everything when organizing your dinner party. Read more...

Read the following tips to help you organize the perfect dinner party. 




Tip #1 Deciding the menu and atmosphere of the party


One of the most important parts of any dinner party is the food. Whether it is more formal, or something young and hip like a vegan food truckor a pizza truck, your guests should never go hungry, because of course, the most important part of the dinner party is the dinner. Another important part is the atmosphere. If you're looking for guests to relax one idea is to have a masseuse come and give stool massages to your guests. Or if you want a more classy affair we recommend having hostesses or a , or maybe just perhaps a blackjack table


Tip #2: Decorating the venue

The atmosphere has to be right, the venue and how it looks are very determining factors. Provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can even choose a theme to base the decoration and food on. Such as a Bollywood theme might have some Bollywood belly dancersor a more fun theme might involve candy girls or a caricaturist. 


Tip #3: A special dinner party

Surprise your guests! Do something that nobody expects. Try a walking dinner instead of a static dinner. Not sitting at a table but walking free, with something delicious to eat or drink in several places. Or try having surprise Bollywood dancing waitresses.


Tip #4: Entertainment during your dinner

Of course, the food and your guests are very important. But the atmosphere has to be taken into account as well. Combining the right music with your dinner party can determine the course of the evening. You can book a nice band who performs for you, but you might prefer something calmer. Evenses offer a large number of talented solo musicians. They will provide beautiful background music for you, while you enjoy your dinner quietly. Would you prefer the best of both? First a nice quiet dinner with background music and later on the option to dance? Check out our pop duos. Or if you really want to guests up and dancing try a DJ. If you're really looking to make your dinner party spectacular try having a fire show


Check out the following artists from our selection to play at your dinner. Request a quote without obligation for a soloist, duo, classical ensemble or band. If you have any questions, just call or email one of our employees. We are happy to answer your questions about entertainment for your dinner party.

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