Evenses is continuously on the search for what the UK has to offer. We need YOU!


After spending almost a decade perfecting our markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, the UK is next on the list for our team and we are looking for some great talent.

So, we want to connect with the right professional performers and services that can provide the incredible entertainment we want to give. Whether you're new to the industry or have loads of experience, we will examine every application thoroughly and provide honest feedback when necessary. 

We welcome applications from all entertainers across the country. From up and coming DJs, to Fire Performers, Photo booths to Cocktail bars, Tribute Acts to Magicians... Anything goes!



All we need from you guys are a few requirements: 



1) Promotional Material: Tell us about yourself! Who are you? What do you do? If we don't know, then how will your customers? We want to give our clients the most transparent and authentic version of you online, so great quality material is a must! Feel free to attach at least 5 photos, 3 videos which include demos, and anything else you can think of (unfortunately without this step perfected, we won't be able to take your application any further so please include as much as you can).  As somebody once said, first impressions always count, so show us what you've got! 


2) Your Own Equipment: We know everybody is comfortable with their own things, so in order for you to perform your best we require the act to provide their own equipment or to have cooperation with a regular supplier who can take care of everything. 


3) Transport: The performer(s) must be in possession of their own transport and be prepared to travel to events where necessary (These terms can be discussed once we have received your application). Feel free to tell us which areas of the country you've performed in before or ones where you want to expand to! 


4) A Great Time! We want to make sure everybody is happy in a booking: us, you, and the client! We only want to acquire the acts which provide the highest quality of performance at competitive prices, as we charge a booking fee to our customers which helps us stay afloat. We also want to collaborate with those who are professional, friendly, and ready to go! We are happy for you to mention any preferences you may have, as we will consider these with your application and get to know you a little more!



And What YOU can get out of US?



1) A highly professional team from all over Europe connecting you to the best audiences around the UK.


2) A feature on our UK website, which is accessible through our social media platforms and partner websites. So anybody can come and have a look at how amazing you are. 


3) A great relationship! We will look out for you and make sure you're only getting the best events possible and opportunities to grow and evolve your act.


4) No sign-up fee! Unlike other entertainment websites, it won't cost you a penny to sign up with us and to appear on our pages. You will be paid per booking you receive through us and won't be surprised by any extra costs. Cooperation with us is entirely without obligation, only when we receive a booking for the act do we earn too!


Interested in collaborating? Send your details & an interesting fact to [email protected] - We look forward to hearing from you! You can also check out our partner websites from The Netherlands, Belgium & Germany 


On arrival of your application to us, we will double check if we have everything we need from you. If we don't, we'll reach out asking for more information - Make sure you include relevant contact information & how we can best contact you! 


Once we have looked over everything and like what we see, we will continue to the next phase of the registration process!