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Pianist Michael
100% match

Pianist Michael

7 Reviews

A truly remarkable, professional, and experienced wedding pianist

£400 - £1000
Pianist Lara
100% match

Pianist Lara

11 Reviews

Lara can take requests on the spot for your event, making your entertainment bespoke & special

£600 - £1320
Romance Pianist
100% match

Romance Pianist

4 Reviews

A professional pianist will create a special atmosphere throughout your event

£350 - £875
Lee John Pianist
100% match

Lee John Pianist

7 Reviews

A professional pianist at will create a beautiful atmosphere throughout your event

£350 - £875
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Would you like to hire a pianist for your birthday, wedding, or business party? At Evenses we’d love to help you out with anything you might desire. We offer a wide range of different pianists to hire for your event. We offer classical pianists, jazz pianists, pop pianists, and pianist-entertainers. For more chic occasions, the classical pianist really adds value.

The jazz and pop pianists are excellent for providing atmospheric background music. The pianist-entertainer turns your occasion into a big party with his singing and interaction with the audience.

The pianists bring a digital piano as standard. Alternatively, we can also provide an upright or grand piano. We solely work with professional musicians who are all experienced, well-presented and are talented musicians. We want to ensure you that the pianist will provide a fantastic performance.

Hire a pianist for your party, birthday, or wedding party

For more information or to book a pianist, please contact us. We are available seven days a week via telephone or email. You can also request a proposal via the website. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Evenses. We’d love to help you out with your booking!

Blog about pianists

Few instruments are as versatile as the piano when it comes to Western musical instruments. From classical and pop music to jazz and rock 'n roll, the piano has gained a place in almost every popular genre over the past century. Just listen carefully to the songs on the radio: chances are that you can recognise a kind of piano in most of those songs.

That also means that you can book a pianist for a lot of different types of events and occasions. Will you soon be getting married to the love of your life and want the ceremony to be accompanied by a pianist who plays your favourite classical pieces? Are you organising the New Year's Eve dinner for your company and want to let some calm background music be played during your meal? Or are you giving a jazz party with friends next week and would you like to surprise them with a live pianist? Whatever type of event or party you are going to organise, chances are that booking a pianist will surely provide added value. A live performance by a professional pianist can provide your party with that extra touch of originality and entertainment.

However, the versatility of the piano can also make it more complicated to book a pianist, especially if you are not sure yet what kind of event you are going to organise. For that reason, it is always wise to get a good idea of what you're looking for before booking anything. Not every pianist will fit well with the type of party you have in mind, so think about the mood you want to set and maybe what songs you want to be performed.

For that reason, it is a good idea to work with a company that has experience in the field of booking artists such as pianists. At Evenses, we have an extensive portfolio of professional pianists that we have worked with many times. We are happy to make our expertise available to our customers so that they can book the perfect pianist for their party. You can contact our event specialists seven days a week via the quotation form on our website, or by e-mail or telephone. If you first want to explore for yourself, you can already make a selection with the help of our search engine. In addition, below we will also discuss the piano in general and what you should definitely pay attention to when you book a pianist.

A piece of piano history

The exact year in which the piano was invented is not known, but we do know that the piano was invented by Italian musical instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori, somewhere around the year 1700. At the time, the new instrument was called a pianoforte, or sometimes fortepiano. Both the word piano and the word forte come from Italian music terminology, the first being soft and the last strong. In the context of the piano, these terms refer to the variation in the volume that occurs as a result of the pianist pressing the keys of the piano softer or louder. The fortepiano is widely seen as the precursor of the contemporary piano and is the instrument on which, for example, Mozart has composed all his piano music.

The modern piano is a percussion, key, and string instrument that can be used to create music through the use of a combination of a keyboard and two or three pedals. The sounds are created by pressing the keys of the piano's keyboard because each key ensures that the hammers strike the strings of the piano via a mechanism on the inside. The pianist can then further determine the sounds with the pedals.

In the case of a piano with two pedals, the left pedal is also referred to as una corda, or one string, since depressing this pedal causes the hammer to hit fewer strings with less force, resulting in less volume. The right pedal is also referred to as the sustain pedal and ensures that all dampers are released from the strings when depressed so that the sounds of the keys continue to sound longer. Some pianos also have a third pedal that can have different functions. Sometimes it is a so-called moderator pedal with which the sound of the piano can be muted (for example if you want to practice without making too much noise) and sometimes it is a so-called sostenuto pedal with which you can let all the strings of the piano be heard. This type of pedal is generally only on the larger (grand) pianos.

Today, there are different types of pianos within the classical piano family. The typical, smaller piano that you occasionally encounter in people's homes is also called buffet piano or living room piano. This type has the strings in a vertical composition and produces a less powerful sound than a grand piano. With a grand piano, the strings lie horizontally in a plane and the pianist can create a larger volume. The projection of the sound is also better in the case of a grand piano. Furthermore, the electric piano or keyboard has also gained popularity in recent decades, thanks in particular to techno and rock music.

Some points to take into account when booking a pianist

Booking a pianist is not difficult in itself, but it is important to take important factors during the booking process into account. That is partly due to the different types of pianos that exist and because it is a relatively large instrument compared to many other instruments. To help you get started in your search for the perfect pianist for your party, we have listed some of the most important points below.

The music

It has already been mentioned earlier, but finding a pianist who can deliver exactly what you want becomes a lot easier when you know what music you want to hear from them during the event. Are you organising, for example, a more formal event at a large location that requires some quiet background music? Then a pianist on a grand piano is probably an excellent option. Do you have a small party with the theme of jazz to celebrate your birthday with some friends and family? Then a good pianist with a simple living room piano might be enough. Whatever party or event you organise: the better you know what kind of piano you are looking for, the more efficient the booking process can be.

The piano itself

Is it the kind of piano that you need present at the location? That is one of the first things you should ask yourself when you book a pianist. If you are looking for a pianist with a keyboard, chances are that he or she will bring the instrument themselves. In the case of an acoustic piano, however, this is a different story. Since the pianist does not normally roam around with his own acoustic piano, the instrument must either be on location or be placed there by you. This is something that you should discuss with the person in charge of the location and with the pianist himself.

Other supplies from the pianist

To prevent unpleasant budget-related surprises, it is useful to ask the pianist what he or she will need for the performance in advance. These wishes can vary from a parking space close to the venue so the pianist can offload his own keyboard, a space to change clothes, and somewhere to eat and drink something during the event. There is often negotiation about these other necessities, so make sure that it is clearly stated what is included in the final price of the pianist you are going to book.

What Evenses can do for you

At Evenses we work with an extensive range of pianists, including jazz, classical, and pianists with electric piano. These options are suitable for performances for all kinds of parties and events, from birthdays, weddings, festivals, and corporate events. In addition, you can book pianists with us that also will sing along while they play the songs. Whether you are organising a romantic celebration of your wedding day or give a business dinner with some quiet piano pieces, ultimately we are happy to help you find the ideal option for your party. By booking a pianist singer you can give your party a personal touch, especially if you put the playlist together with him or her in advance.

When booking a pianist it is advisable to contact a company that has immense experience with booking pianists. Evenses has been active in the world of party planning for years and we have booked countless of different acts over the years. With the help of the search engine on our website, you can already start your search. You can then contact our bookers seven days a week with questions about booking a pianist. You can always reach them by filling in the quotation form on the website or by e-mail or telephone. At Evenses you won't have to stress about booking something you don't need as we can help find the perfect act, show, or performer for you.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.