Well-known female singers

Do you want to book a well-known female singer for your party, birthday or wedding? With Evenses you can reserve famous (female) British singers and other famous artists for your occasion. Our British celebrities are ready to make your party a success. Every female singer has years of experience and is highly professional. 

 You can hire well-known Britsh singers for any and every occasion. Is one of your wedding wishes a female singer who accompanies herself instrumentally? Then you could, for example, book female singer Suzanna Dee. When you’re hoping to hear the most beautiful love songs for your wedding party, you can have Liza Baker. Besides well-known female singers, it is also possible to hire one of our other famous artists. Examples include Jet Boot Jack DJ, acrobalance duo and the Kandi Class band. For popular urban singers, you are welcome to make an enquiry with our booking agency. 



Book well-known singers for your party, birthday or wedding


We’d love to get in touch with you to discuss your wishes. In addition, you can always ask any questions regarding the hiring of female singers, questions about the sound technology hire, or prices/costs of the various artists. In this way you can request your bespoke offer with a total and complete price - no hidden surprises afterwards. You can call, e-mail or search artists you need on our website. 

Well-known female singers: check out the options!






book suzanna dee for event
Suzanna has been featured on charting dance hits, successful TV shows & charity singles
2999,-price on requesta
liza baker the voice 3
This highly experienced female singer has a powerful voice and is known from talent shows.
950,-price on requesta