champagne feest proost

Organiseer jij de nieuwjaarsborrel dit jaar? Hier wat gratis tips!

Vieren jullie ieder jaar het begin van het nieuwe jaar met een borrel met vrienden, en is het komend jaar de beurt aan jullie om dit te organiseren en in goede banen te leiden? Ga je dit jaar een nieuwjaarsborrel organiseren voor...
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koningsdag vieren

Inspiratie opdoen voor koningsdag

Is jullie jongste zoontje komend jaar eindelijk oud genoeg om echt mee te kunnen doen aan het vieren van Koningsdag zoals jullie dat al jaren doen? Hebben jullie met de mensen uit de straat afgesproken dat jullie Koningsdag...
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Practical information when booking Thank you for booking with Evenses UK! We try to make it as easy as possible for you, but it is useful to take the following practical points into account:   Bands, DJs, &...
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 Hire a musician for your party, event or wedding

What makes a musician a good musician? View the 5 reasons here-

The demand for good musicians is huge. Most people do have a certain relationship with music. One person loves house music whilst another prefers to listen to English singers, but we are all music lovers. Fortunately, there are a...
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organise Sixties party

9 tips for a smashing Sixties party

Back to the 60s, who wouldn’t want that? The 60s were the time of the hippies, "Make love, not war", The Beatles and Woodstock. The 60s were the carefree and colourful years. It would be a good starting point to a potential great...
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Hire a swing ride for your event, party or wedding!

Hire a swing ride for your event, party or wedding!

The 5 reasons why every party should have a swing ride- Swing rides are fun and they look beautiful, but we already knew that. Not everyone knows that every type of party is more fun when you rent a miniature swing ride. It...
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