Want a great party? Transform your home or party venue into a casino!

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Want to have a great house party? Organizing a bachelor party or corporate event? Do you lack inspiration? We can help. With our tips, you will organize the best casino party! It is sometimes difficult to come up with a theme for a party, especially if you really want to plan an unforgettable event. Most themes have been used often, so you need a new, original idea. It's time for a party with a real casino theme!

Ensure the right equipment

You can turn your living room, office or party venue into a real casino with the right equipment. You can rent casino equipment, like:

  • A roulette table
  • A blackjack table
  • A poker table
  • Slot machines
  • Casino on site

Roulette Table

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games played by both young and old. The roulette table you rent from Evenses (event management company) is of the highest quality. This table reflects the same professionalism as a real table in a casino such as Holland Casino. The table can accommodate ten players and so the entire group of friends can join in the game. Play chips are included so you can experience the thrill and fun of real casino.

Blackjack table

Blackjack is a very popular casino game that is played in almost every country. A blackjack table at your party will be a success. The game rounds are relatively short and the table has space for fourteen players. With this table so you can entertain many guests at once.

Poker Table

Many people consider poker one of the best casino games. It is a game full of excitement and interaction. The "bluffing" makes it even more enjoyable. Our poker table gives you the same experience as the ones in a real casino. At the table, nine players can play simultaneously and our luxury poker table can even be used for a professional tournament

Poker table with poker clinic

Are there many people who do not know the rules of poker? Offer them a poker clinic. It is taught by experienced dealers who provide great tips and advice.

Slot Machines

A slot machine gives your party a true Las Vegas look. A slot machine has an original American character and they are fun and exciting. Evenses provide top quality slot machines for your party that use tokens instead of real money. So, your guests do not lose money, but can still win great prizes. Since our slot machines are easy to operate, they are suitable for all ages. The slot machine handler directs everything and ensures it runs smoothly during your party. For a large site, we recommend you rent a minimum of three slot machines, which will give your party a more authentic casino feel. More people can also play simultaneously.

Complete and affordable package

Want a roulette, blackjack, poker table to rent? Then Evenses offers a complete and reasonable package. This package includes:

  • four hours of playtime
  • An excellent console with the same format as a casino
  • A jackpot prize for the winner
  • Professional and properly dressed croupiers
  • Assembly and disassembly of the console

Casino on site

Make your party into a real casino on site. Try your luck at a slot machine, play an exciting game of roulette, test your 'bluffing skills’ during a poker game or try to beat the bench during a blackjack game. With a casino on site, you do not own the casino, but it will belong to you. Have fun with our live casino!

A real UK casino

A casino site gives a similar atmosphere and professionalism to a real casino. You will entertain your guest for four hours. Evenses works with professional croupier and dealers. The dealers are extremely patient and explain the rules for inexperienced players, so everyone can have a chance. Everyone will experience the excitement and fun of a real casino. Want a spectacular entrance for your guests? It can get a red carpet or a banner with a Las Vegas sign on a large canvas for the entrance of the casino. It makes your casino on site even better! The sign hangs in a self-contained tubular frame.

Hire a DJ

Your casino party is not complete without music. Evenses works with various DJs who can make your casino party a real blast. Do you find it difficult to decide what kind of music you want at your casino party? Our DJs play based on the mood of your party. An all-around DJ plays every genre. Nobody can remain silent when our DJs play. He begins the evening with quieter songs and slowly builds the beats until the real party begins.

Evenses also offers a mobile DJ. Our mobile DJs can play music in several places during your event. This is especially ideal for a big party. The mobile discos DJs play from a DJ booth with wheels underneath. You can also personalize the DJ booth with a brand name or slogan. Thanks to the colourful LED lights your brand name or logo will be clearly visible. Or consider hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding ceremony!

The best pictures of your party

Book a professional photographer to capture the best pictures of your party. We have our photographers personally selected by interview and a test shoot. You also guarantee that the photographer creates a wonderful reportage. This photo shoot is a beautiful, lasting memory for all your guests. The photographer walks around during your party and ensures the best images. You can also use the photographer to take pictures of your guests upon entry, which can be digitally delivered.

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