The coffee bar: The perfect addition to your events and parties

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The coffee bar: The perfect addition to your events and parties

Let's get straight to the point: of all the nationalities in the globe, the average englishman consumes the most coffee. The conclusion of a large-scale survey by business website is that the average englishman drinks about 2.4 cups of coffee per day, which is way greater than the average Finn with 1.8 cups per day…number two on the list.

Your regular englishman drinks plenty of coffee, whether it’s: early in the morning at breakfast, at the office during a well-deserved break, or at the end of a nice dinner. Funny enough, another thing we englishmen also have a passion for is a cosy party. It is therefore quite surprising that there are still relatively few parties in the UK supplemented with a rented coffee bar.

In this case, we are not talking about renting a professional coffee machine, but actually about renting a coffee bar including all its features; such as a barista. In this article we discuss what renting a real coffee bar means and how it can effortlessly make a party plenty more enjoyable.

It’s almost critical to likewise have the company of people who know what they’re talking about in regards to coffee, besides knowing the way it’s best served. Some companies, such as the GREAT Evenses, even supply baristas that can create so-called latté art.

This refers to the art of creating shapes and figures, such as, hearts, or words in the form of milk foam. In addition, a little coffee bar also offers options for your guests who don't drink coffee, such as different types of tea, cold drinks and other hot drinks.

Renting a coffee bar makes the coffee at your events more than just a hot drink, something which would please more than your average englishman. With a coffee bar, drinking coffee becomes an experience and this experience is suitable for a whole range of events, even birthday parties.

From business meetings and corporate events to weddings and just fun parties, a specialised coffee bar will give your event an original touch that will be appreciated.

Why are we so fond of coffee in the UK?

Drinking coffee is often directly associated with energy and staying awake. Although, these are certainly useful benefits of coffee, drinking coffee has a lot more positive influences, provided that it is of course not consumed in excessive quantities. Renting a coffee bar for your party is therefore not only a nice original touch, but also good for the health of your guests.

Caffeine stimulates the burning of body fat.

If you take a look at the ingredients of some random dietary supplements that promotes the functioning of the metabolism, there is a high chance that caffeine appears on the list. It can make the metabolism work up to 10% faster, while burning fat can go up to 30% faster. So caffeine not only stimulates the brain, but also the rest of our body.

Caffeine for better sporting performance.

In collaboration with the NOC * NSF nutrition team, the website has prepared a factsheet regarding the effects of coffee and caffeine on sports performance. The conclusion of the study is that caffeine can certainly improve your athletic performance, although the effect differs per person and type of sport or training. It seems to have a greater effect with endurance performances, such as cycling or running. The effects of a cup of coffee an hour before you start training can noticeably make a positive difference.

Less chance of diabetes

Although the real reasons for this are still relatively unclear, the Diabetes Fonds, among others reports that people who drink six cups a day have a lower risk of developing diabetes 2. Beware that this is coffee without sugar. Coffee with sugar, certainly in large quantities can have the opposite effect, certainly in the case of people with a predisposition to diabetes 2.

For the ladies: a cup of coffee reduces the chance of depression.

An extensive study by Harvard school for public health from 2011 shows that regularly drinking coffee can lead to a lower risk of depression among women. For women who drink four or more cups of coffee per day, the risk of depression is up to 20% lower.

A natural boost of energy.

As we said before, one of the most well-known effects of drinking coffee is the energy boost you get from it. This remains one of the primary reasons why coffee is so popular as part of breakfast and during work breaks. However, if you drink a lot of coffee the disadvantage in terms of energy is that the effect also decreases after a while, with the so-called "caffeine crash" occurring as a result.

Long live (n thanks) coffee-

A large-scale and long-term study, conducted by JAMA Internal Medicine in 2018 illustrates that the life expectancy of coffee consumers is relatively higher than that of people who drink little or no coffee. The risk of premature death was between 8% and 16% lower in the first group than in the other group. By renting a coffee bar you not only make your guests happy, they also live longer as a result.

For what kind of events and locations can you rent a coffee bar?

If you rent a coffee bar from recognized companies or entertainment specialists such as Evenses, you don't just get an over-sized coffee maker on wheels. The better landlords in the UK will not only deliver a mobile bar with all the trimmings, but also with people who know how coffee is best served. In addition, these coffee bars also offer options for guests who do not drink coffee, such as different types of tea and other hot drinks.

With a coffee bar, drinking coffee becomes an experience and this experience is suitable for a whole range of events. From business meetings to weddings and simple fun parties, a specialised coffee bar gives your event an original touch that will be appreciated by all.

What does a coffee bar add to your party or event?

Renting a coffee bar is an original addition to the event that you are organising, since (funny enough) it’s something that is barely organised in the UK. In most organisations, the coffee maker is a meeting point to chat with colleagues in between work, so a lively coffee bar at your event can also serve to stimulate contact and conversation between your guests.

Although renting a coffee bar may sound expensive, however that certainly is not the case. A coffee bar or coffee bike (a concept that we shall come back to a little later), including specialised staff and associated accessories such as coffee cards and glassware does not necessarily have to cost excessively.

You can see for yourself when you compare offers from landlords such as Evenses and other companies online. A rented coffee bar or mobile coffee bar represents a touch of luxury and glamor for your party.

Renting a coffee bar should result in a lot of positive reactions. Apart from the fact that it’s a perfect addition to the more traditional range of drinks at parties and events, it also gives guests who love coffee a very wide range of high quality product. In addition, it’s sometimes also possible to adjust the appearance and the offer of the coffee bar based on the theme of your party or the preferences of your guests.

Talking about personalizing your rented coffee bar: how about a professional barista who makes freshly ground coffee on the spot with the logo of your company or the initials of your partner surrounded by a heart in the milk foam? It's that kind of detail that can turn your party into an unforgettable event, whether it's a corporate party, a birthday, or a wedding.

Rent a coffee bar ... or maybe a coffee bike?

If you can already appreciate the flexibility of a rented coffee bar, you will love the concept of the coffee bike. The great thing about the coffee bike is that it can provide your guests with a delicious cup of fresh coffee or tea, even in the most unusual locations, such as in the park, on the sidewalk in front of your house, or at the weekly market in the village.

With a coffee bike you can be even more creative when it comes to the location of your parties. There are different types of coffee bikes and several companies in the UK offer several companies the possibility to rent one, including Evenses. If you have decided to brighten up your party or event with a coffee bike, we recommend that you pay close attention to the size of the vehicle (especially if the event takes place indoors) and to the range of drinks. There are, for example, coffee bikes that only offer different types of coffee, but also bikes with which hot chocolate and tea can be offered.

Whether you go for a fully equipped coffee bar or an original coffee bike, you can be sure that your party will be remembered. Your guests will appreciate that, in addition to the more common range of drinks, you have also given extra support to coffee lovers. From company parties and fairs to weddings and garden parties, a rented coffee bar or a coffee bike never misses.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the daily consumption of coffee per person is nowhere else in the world higher than in the UK and it is unlikely that this trend will change in the near future. Many people like it and it also has a lot of positive effects on the health and mood of your guests. So think about renting a coffee bar or coffee bike for your next party at home or at the office.

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