Seven tips for an unforgettable party

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Seven tips for an unforgettable summer party-

A sultry summer evening, rustling waves in the background and a campfire on the beach. Amidst the scenery, you also have beautiful people dancing around it on fine beats with a cocktail in their hands. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of having a beach in their back garden. Despite this, It’s very possible to organize an unforgettable summer party. How you may be wondering? By reading this blog. You will find seven super handy tips for a successful summer party.

With the seven tips that shall be provided in this blog, you will be able to organise a summer party that your guests will talk about for a very long time. These tips shall be suitable for all types of parties ranging from a casual summer party to your typical: birthday, wedding, company or sweet sixteen party.

#Tip 1: Take the party outside

Open those back-garden doors and use your garden as a party location. Outdoor partying automatically gives everyone a nice summer feeling.

Decorating your garden

Decorate your garden festively with lights and candles. For the ultimate Ibiza vibe go loose with ribbons. Ribbons can easily be made from fabrics, old sheets or strips of paper. Ribbons are super festive when you hang them together in groups. They can be used anywhere: on the wall, in the trees or shrubs in your garden or in that nice climbing plant. You can also stretch a thread from corner to corner in your garden, for a real ribbon shower above your head. Guests always love it when you've done just that little bit extra for a festive look.

Summer festival in the UK

Are you having your summer party in the UK? Then make sure that part of your garden is rainproof.  A simple party tent will do wonders or even a supersize parasol will add a bit of flavour to its overall look.

A summer party on your balcony

Do you live in an apartment with a decent sized balcony? Give your balcony a summer touch with some of the aforementioned decorations. Maybe add some extra plants for that outdoor feeling.

A summer party and no balcony

No balcony or a balcony that's too small? Then it's time to be creative. Maybe there is a park near you where you can chill (and party) with your guests. Keep your day/night time party reasonably laidback (think summer music in the background). To be sure, always check with the municipality if you can have a summer picnic in the park. I would avoid the word "party" at all times.

Is it allowed by the municipality? Fine! Put some clothes on the floor, bring a portable music system and a picnic basket with drinks and snacks. Difficult to transport everything? Borrow the wagon from your neighbour. You could even ask your friends and family for assistance, extra hands make the work a lot lighter.

A light note: In most parks around the UK it is not allowed to have a party with loud music without a special permit. Do not challenge the police and/or other park visitors with hard beats. There is nothing more annoying than having to abort your party prematurely. Not to mention the fine.

Big summer party

Are you going for a bigger party? Or do you want to give your company party or wedding a summery touch? In the UK there are numerous party locations that combine both an indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Type in the words "party location with terrace" on Google and you will certainly find some great party locations in your area. It’s vital to be on time with reservations. The most beautiful and affordable locations are often the first to be forgiven.

#Tip 2: Make sultry summer beats

Music always does well at a party so it’s important for subtle background music or greasy beats, to keep the guests active and happy.

Inform your neighbours

Are you hosting the party at home? Then it's a very good idea to inform your neighbours. Something like: a warned neighbour counts for two. Most people will deal with noise pollution in a more relaxed way if they have been informed in advance. Do you have nice neighbours? Invite them to your party. Then you can be sure that you won't get any complaining neighbours at the door.

Salsa music

For the ultimate summer feeling, go for salsa music. Bring your guests immediately into Mediterranean atmospheres.

Salsa band

Do you want to make sure that all feet go off the floor? Hire a Latin band. Such a band is an instant mood creator. Bet your guests will go wild on the salsa, merengue and bachata?

Festival music

No salsa fan? The music played at festivals also has a summery vibe. Spotify contains numerous summer playlists with the right vibe for any party. Please check the playlist in advance to make sure it contains songs that appeal to you and your guests.


Don't feel like controlling the music yourself? Or do you want to be sure of good music at your party? Hire a DJ. This is often less expensive than you would expect! It certainly ensures that no enthusiasts disturb your carefully selected mix with Heavy Metal or worse: Koos Alberts (sorry, Koos).

Discuss in advance with the DJ which music you want to hear. And to what extent there is room for (inappropriate) requests by guests.

#Tip 3: Provide summer snacks and drinks

Summer snacks

A successful party requires tasty snacks. And you can also give them a summery touch. Tapas can easily be produced by yourself: think of ham-melon rolls, wraps with cream cheese and salmon, meatballs with spicy sauce etc... Or make it really easy for yourself and let your guests bring their own dish. Put the appetisers outside on the table and you have a delicious appetiser buffet.

Do not take the snacks out of the fridge until the last minute. This way you can be sure that you can serve your guests a fresh bite.

Getting snacks taken care of

If you are organising a big party, it is wise to have the snacks taken care of. This can be done via the party location, but also by hiring catering. The advantage of catering is that you are not dependent on the (often limited) choice of snacks at the location. There are even opportunities of hiring a food truck depending on whether the party is large enough and in an outside location.

The possibilities of food catering are endless, these could include things from sushi to mezze, or even dishes ranging from Mexican to Indian. Always ask if you can come and taste the food first. This way you won't be confronted with less tasteful surprises. Or as mentioned above; if hiring a food truck, you would most likely know what to expect from the supplier.

Summer cocktails

Serve your guests summer cocktails such as sex on the beach, mojitos and caipirinhas. You could also go for a healthier vibe and serve freshly squeezed smoothies. Is your party self-service? Buy a few lemonade taps at your local shop and fill them with the different cocktails. If the insects in your garden allow it, you can decorate the glasses with a coloured sugar rim beforehand.

Cocktail-bar experience

Do your guests want to have a cocktail bar experience? It’s very possible to rent a mobile bar. This includes a barman who shakes cocktails and stirs them like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail. Well, let's hope he also looks like Tom Cruise (the younger version). Or even better: the Dutch bartender with the bright blue eyes of the TV show First Dates.

#Tip 4. Create a place to chill

Lounge cushions corner

Dancing until the final hours is absolutely fine, but so is relaxing in-between. So make sure you have some seats. Or put some large seat cushions in your garden. Keep the seating space limited, because before you know it, it will be a sitting party. And as a party animal, you don't want that.

Bar tables

It's a bit of a killer, but oh so practical. It's the way to avoid a sitting party and still make sure that people can stand (or hang) at your party in a relaxed way.

Equipped with a summery bar table skirt they are a lot less ugly, it can also complete your summer theme.

Extra tip: Don't forget to put some crutches near the bar tables. These are real die-hard seats; this way you avoid the chance that a group of people will move into your living room. Before you know it, all your guests will be back in the living room and that was certainly not the intention.

#Tip 5. Provide summer entertainment

Would you like to give your summer party just that little bit of extra entertainment and fun? Of course in a summer atmosphere, think of a fire show or belly dancer or a place where people can get henna tattoos. Or let your guests pamper themselves with a massage. Be original! Then you can be sure that people will talk about your summer party for days to come.

#Tip 6. Finish off the party in an appropriate way

Coffee and tea

All parties come to an end. Unfortunately, also your fantastic summer party. But how do you let your guests know that it is time to go home? This can be done, for example, by serving coffee and tea. Often at the end of a successful dinner and therefore very suitable at the end of your party. A fancy ending is the announcement of a real tea and coffee bar. Success guaranteed.

Food truck

It is also again possible to have a food truck appear at the end of the party. Many people are still hungry at the end of the evening (or night). What better way to end the evening than with freshly fried fries with some delicious sauces?

A simple ending

Whatever works. Turn the music down a bit and start cleaning up some snacks and drinks. Simple, but very effective.

#Tip 7. After the party

Especially when you have organised a company party or wedding party, it’s nice to send your guests a thank-you message a few days’ post party. This could be done formally with a nice card or with a sweet email.

Or if you’re feeling over generous, send all your guests a summer present. Bet it will bring them back to your party!  A simple WhatsApp message is also super thoughtful however. You bet they don't want to miss your next party!

In this blog you’ve been provided with seven tips to ensure your summer party is a hit. Would you like more tips for a successful party? In the Events blog you will find numerous tips for weddings, company parties, theme parties and other events.

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