Want crazy soul and funky beats? Hire a soul band for your special day!

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Do you love crazy soul and funky beats? Are you looking for a swinging band for your wedding? Hire a soul band from Evenses! These live bands keep your guests on the dance floor and make your party unforgettable! The soul bands available at Evenses have an authentic soul sound. They have played at dozens of weddings. There are many bands for hire to choose from;

  • The Jungles
  • Groove Oddity
  • The Fest
  • Melodies
  • The Thamesmen

The Jungles

The modern soul, rock & cover band, M-Brace has multiple members. For each event, the group offers the right combination; so, you can opt for a 4-piece band, a trio or an acoustic duo. The band plays recognisable pop songs with a funky jazz or soul sound. During that time, we have played with icons such as 10cc to The Fun Loving Criminals. Formed in Liverpool in 2004, they are guitar and vocals, bass and drums and backing vocals experts.  The Jungles band have created an exceptional repertoire, tipping its hat to country and soul, old and new, funk, blues, rock`n`roll, rock and the musicianship to move seamlessly between each and all.

Groove Oddity

Groove Oddity are a professional band made up of some of the most talented musicians in the country fronted by a highly energetic, versatile singer and performer with huge vocal range. Our favorite band has a musical pedigree rooted in soul, funk, jazz, blues, rock and pop. Their passion and dedication to the groove are witnessed at every live show. Groove Oddity come with top of the range equipment, lighting and transportation enabling us to put on a dynamic show and access venues anywhere in the country. We guarantee the very best entertainment for your guests which will leave them begging for more. Comprised of top-level musicians with experience performing all over the world, they specialise in bringing our unparalleled live performance to weddings, parties and corporate events across the UK and abroad.

The Fest

The Fest is one of the finest, exciting and versatile function and wedding bands, consisting of 4 professionals; a female vocalist, a double bassist, a drummer and a guitarist providing additional vocals. Described as offering and delivering performances that are ‘excellent', The Fest will guarantee a superb atmosphere at your event, leaving memories that will last forever. The Fest possess a huge repertoire of classic songs, including hits by the like of The Beatles, Dolly Parton, Bastille, Green Day, Pharrell Williams, Oasis and more.  They offer an engaging show playing hits from the 50’s and 60’s right through to modern pop and rock. The setlist for your function or wedding evening can be nearly unique, so there’s always something for everyone! Perfect addition for weddings, parties and corporate events! Modern or classic, fast or slow: whatever you want, our band can deliver a setlist to satisfy you.


A client favourite over the years, Melodies is a high class, sophisticated jazz band which incorporates the modern day tracks with a unique feel which compliments any event. Book Melodies today for your wedding, party, corporate event, birthday, anniversary and more! As an original four-piece consisting of a guitarist, bassist, drummer and male vocalist, the band can also be extended to suit the needs of any client and event. This includes growing to accompany a five, six, seven or eight piece, featuring a trumpet player, saxophonist, trombone player and a lovely female vocalist. Performing the best hits from iconic artists such as the Jackson 5, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, Rick James and more, it isn't only Soul and Motown which is performed as Melodies regularly incorporate the best hits of today into their set list.

The Thamesmen

The Thamesmen is one of the most incredible, exciting and versatile live function band, that will take you back to the very best British pop music; from the swinging sound of 60’s Merseybeat all the way to 90’s Brit Pop, Indie-Rock and beyond. Described as offering and delivering performances that are ‘excellent', their live performance is truly captured the crowd and you'll be running home to grab your Fred Perry's ad Chelsea Heels come the morning. The best band for your event!

Soul band hire?

Do you want to hire one of the soul bands? Evenses offers you a complete package. This package includes:

  • Sound & lighting
  • LInstallation
  • Thavel costs
  • Instruments
  • The band itself
  • All bands are selected based on their professionalism and experience. Other forms of entertainment, such as an illuminated dance floor or a mini photo booth are also available from Evenses. Nice addition for your wedding.

LED dance floor

With a lighted dance floor, you give your wedding an even better atmosphere. This will lure your guests onto the dancefloor! The lighted dance floors at Evenses are of excellent quality, and your guests will love dancing on it. You can choose from four different options, based on size, resolution and price. We supply flooring in one square meter areas. So, you can indicate how many square meters you need, so you only pay for what you need. The dance floor is mounted on site by professionals. After the party, we will clean the floor, disassemble and pack up it. You won’t have to do anything.

Mini photobooth

The mini photo booth is an eye-catcher for your wedding. This advantageous photobooth works similarly to a standard photo booth. The only difference is that instead of stepping into a box, you can stand by the compact photo column. You can get all the guests in one picture! The inexpensive mini photo column produces high-quality images, and they are printed in 8 seconds. This rapid printing time allows all your guests to have fun at the photo booth. The column is very easy to operate and comes ready to go. A mini photo booth comes with:

300 photo sheets

A nice photo frame

Digital delivery of all the pictures taken

A delivery and collection service

No stress with the wedding package

Have you found a suitable band for your wedding? As you've probably discovered it is time-consuming to plan a wedding. Also, it’s often very stressful. With a wedding package, you avoid stress and have more time to do the fun stuff. Evenses offers special wedding packages. Each package is based on your wishes and needs. You can choose from an evening package or a complete package. You can also make your own packages.  For a complete package, you can choose from the following variations:

  • Complete Smart: soloist for the ceremony/dinner, DJ for the party and a photo booth.
  • Complete Premium: a duo for the ceremony/dinner, DJ and saxophonist for the party, LED photo booth.
  • Complete Exclusive: a duo for the ceremony/dinner, DJ and saxophonist for celebration, a lighted dance floor, wedding photographer.

With a wedding package, your wedding will be planned perfectly, and you can enjoy your big day, free from obligation and without the stress.

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Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.

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