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The 5 reasons why every party should have

a swing ride-

Swing rides are fun and they look beautiful, but we already knew that. Not everyone knows that every type of party is more fun when you rent a miniature swing ride. It’s like adding a cherry on top of the cake. Regardless if it's a wedding or a company party, you should always want a swing ride! Below you can read exactly how renting a swing ride will improve your party drastically as it does at a theme park.

Pure magic-

Lovers of the theatre-festival ‘De Parade’ know of the swing rides’ magic of course. De Parade is all about the theatre, but also the general cosiness around it (or rather the one in between) is an indispensable element of its success. The swing ride has been the centre of attention for years. It is not without reason that they tend to be around the centre of amusement parks and surrounded by cosy beer tables and benches. There are plenty of mobile food trucks with great snacks whilst there are theatres loosely situated in and around it.

The swing ride has a certain magical effect and the very last hover tends to occur on Sundays (the finale). The last ride tends to be the tallest swing ride as it goes twice as high and twice as fast. There is great swing music and the smoke machine erupts at full power. Only the men of the swing rides know exactly what time the last round of the swing ride is. But one thing everyone knows for sure: It’s the farewell of two weeks of living in a fairy tale.

Swinging is life. As it is for children…especially for the kids. Even the parents of the kids tend to slowly go crazy from the tension. The last ride is on that last Sunday a few hours earlier so that kids still have the opportunity to swing for a final time. A 6-year-old girl is standing in line in front of the swinging ride and she is almost nauseous. Not (only) of those twenty poffertjes and the two large pink cotton candies, but primarily due to the tension.

She realises that she may have queued just too early, or potentially too late. She also realises there are only about twenty seats in total on the final ride. If she misses that last round it would mean that the last round of the swing ride would shut down right in front of her. She would then have to wait an entire year to be able to ride on the swing again.

The men of the swing ride know their regular gliders and have been looking at them with questioning children's eyes for those last few days. “Can I come along for that last round later” they say? Of course they say resolutely that they won't participate and that everyone has the same opportunity to be in that final swinging round. After all, everyone is equal, however that’s not always the case. Anyone who wants to be in the final lap should apply for a signal one day in advance. The six-year-old girl gets a discreet nod: 'Come on, sweetheart, get in line now.'

Spectacle for the young-

Anyone who has ever been in a swing ride understands the feeling of nostalgia. The old wooden merry-go-round with its mirrors and ornaments has a special attraction. The hypnotic music, the distant view, the feeling of height and people enjoying the fair. You fly nice and fast with your legs through the air and you enjoy it to the fullest. Like a bird in a vacuum. But you can still just laugh and talk to each other. This is something that is slightly different in the bumper cars or a roller coaster.

Imagine that: A nice guy meets a handsome young lady on a wedding day as wedding guests. The groom's niece had already noticed him for a long time and the first looks had already been exchanged…shouldn't he go towards her? What would you actually say? Obviously you can't look at the phone and that's a good thing. The man gets carried away by the romance of the day, takes a breath and approaches her. Who knows, he says, maybe at our wedding there will also be a swing ride. Or don't they have one in southern Italy? She laughs: 'Let's try it out first, then'.

Swinging is also just hot. Not a hipster who doesn't want to be put on the Polaroid with his curly moustache, suspenders and the fresh pointy shoes of the vintage shop. And those shoes come in handy once more. The true fan knows the trick-with-the-shoe-tip. If you put that shoe tip on the ground at exactly the right moment, you go faster and higher than everyone else. Instagram worthy photos guaranteed!

Spectacle for the old-

The old man is persuaded by his grandchildren to join him. He doesn't want to take part in all the fuss. He complains and mentions that his back is no longer as it was years ago. What do they think? The man is already 74 years old. But if there's someone who can always talk him out of it, it's his sweet grandchildren. He can't refuse them anything. And besides that, he knows by now how short life is, because of damage and shame. Little Tirza enthusiastically shouts: 'Come on, Grandpa, come with us'. And he does it! He closes his eyes in the air. Memories of the local fair of previous years revive. The bang on the bell that betrays the start. The sweet smells of the fair and the beautiful girls. His grandchildren laugh and grandpa feels just as young again. The swinging ride is there for everyone of nearly all ages!

Girls’ night out-

Thank god it's Friday. Sorry boys, you are not allowed to come. It's ladies’ night. Tonight is your night and all your girlfriends are at their best. The heels, makeup and dresses look perfect. To the bar for two Cosmopolitans and a sex on the Beach! Selfies are generously inflated with Instagram filters. Everything’s possible tonight, we're completely over the top. You want to see and above all be seen!!

What's better than going in circles, going fast, going high? You hope to be cranked up a bit more by a muscular guy with a tank top. And that the guy smells a bit like sweat, well that's just part of the job.

A little flirting with the men next to the swing ride is of course recommended. They are sensitive to it and pull the passing cars to their heart's content. Your hair blowing through the wind. Not only the men of, but also next to the swing ride have noticed this for a long time and you enjoy it to the fullest. Of course you knew that there was going to be swinging this evening, so you put on your best pants especially for the occasion. A skirt makes it just too cosy for the bystanders. Girls just wanna have fun!

Networking, it’s sometimes like working…or not?

When you think of networking groups or networking events you get the feeling of a reception-like environment in which people, dressed in business clothes, hop from one to the other, to hand out tickets and to set off their elevator pitch. It's not exactly an inspiring thought. While networking is all about making meaningful connections. Just like you have with your friends. To approach that connection at such a meeting, you need a degree of open-mindedness and determination that not everyone has. Not everyone networks all by themselves, at times having networking devices can be very influential. There are plenty of people who see it as a mountain to climb and a difficult task.

Renting a swing or amusement ride works as a lubricant for networkers. Because networking is something that you always do, but usually unconsciously. Every form of social interaction is a form of networking. Your network is not only who you have on LinkedIn, but also your football team and your neighbour. Of course, the swinging mill is usually surrounded by beer or bar tables with people enjoying a nice drink or a bite to eat. It is often the most beautiful place of the party or the festival, at least more relaxed than with the elbow on the (wet) bar. Of course it is also a busy place. Before you know it, you'll be sitting or standing next to a conversation partner, with whom you'll have an informal conversation.

How often do you go to an attraction with a stranger? Normally you never do that at all, but on the swing ride you almost have to. These chairs are for two people and they need to be filled properly. Or they can be properly filled, it's just how you see it. A conversation begins. "Hi my name is Yorick, who are you?" The swing rides and your glasses almost fly off your nose. Pfooh, that could have resulted in broken glasses, but at least the ice has been broken for a long time. Before you know it, you start talking to your latest business or personal relationship. And it's like it happened all by itself.

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