Eight reasons to book a videographer for your wedding

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Are you getting married in a few weeks and is everything already settled? Like the photographer, the catering, the location, the music, the guest list, etc.? Then of course you’re already well on the right track. You can enjoy the anticipation without stress, but do not forget an important part: booking a videographer to make your wedding film. We’ll give you eight reasons why booking a videographer is so important for a beautiful memory of your wedding.

Many couples choose to hire a videographer for a wedding film at the last minute. They often do this when they have some of the wedding budget left. This can be a shame, because a wedding film has a lot of added value. We have put all of the advantages together for you, so that you can easily see how great booking a videographer really is.

1. You will experience the wedding again
With a wedding film you will experience your wedding again and again. On the big day itself, there are plenty of beautiful moments and you experience everything so quickly, you may even miss out. Some moments you want to experience again later and take it easy as well as see what also happened with your guests throughout the day. For this reason, it is nice to have a videographer at your wedding who captures all the special and beautiful moments, so that later on you can still see everything in the wedding movie. Of course, a wedding photographer can also capture emotions and moments in photographs, but it is even more intense on a wedding film.

2. Moving images often say more
Have you already booked a photographer for the wedding? If so, then great because a beautiful photo shoot is a precious memory. However, moving images show other moments of your wedding. If you watch the wedding film, you really feel like the wedding is taking place again. You come back into the atmosphere of that day. A professional videographer transfers the atmosphere of your wedding day into a film just for you two.
3. A lovely memory for your family and friends
A wedding film is the best memory for loved ones. Plan a night with your family and friends to watch the wedding movie together. You will all experience the best day of your life once again surrounded by those most special to you both. Furthermore, you can even share the wedding movie online through social media, so all of your guests can experience the wedding again.

4. For those who were not at your wedding
A wedding film is also fun for people who could not be present on your wedding day. Thanks to the wedding film they can still enjoy a little bit of your day.
There is a chance that a number of guests cannot come to your wedding. This is possible, for example, because they are ill or live abroad and do not fit their budget to travel to the location of the wedding. If you can show these people your wedding film, they can still enjoy the day, especially when you are sat watching it with them. Even people who had to leave the party early, such as your great-grandmother or a pregnant niece, can still enjoy the party through the wedding film. It’s a perfect way to share your big day with everyone special to you!
5. The sound takes you back to the moment
On a wedding film you also hear all the sound of your wedding. The tones of violin music during the ceremony, the laughter of the guests, the pure voice of the singer of the band at the reception, the best man’s speech and much more. All these sounds take you back to the day. The wedding day passes by quickly and some things you accidentally miss from being so distracted. You can experience the little things by going through the wedding film.

6. You see how you both expressed your vows
The most special moment of a wedding are the vows. The pictures do not express enough the true emotion and presence of the vows; however everyone is able to see the recreation with a wedding film. You see each other's reaction and that of the guests as well as hearing how special they are.
7. You can look back well at the speeches and the ceremony
Of course, many beautiful things are said on your wedding day. Speech are usually given throughout the day by family members or friends. The words of a speech are often very nice that you want to hear them again. A videographer can capture the speeches perfectly. They can also film the entire ceremony of your wedding and edit parts of it in the wedding film.
8. Nice for later
Just like photos, you can watch a movie later. Imagine how much fun it is to watch your wedding with your future children or grandchildren in ten or twenty years. That way they can also relive your day and see how crazy you were at each other on the wedding day. Fantastic right?

Book a professional videographer
Are you convinced? Would you like to have a wedding film made? Choose to have this done by a professional videographer. You probably know a friend or a family member who likes to make videos in their spare time, but you want them to enjoy the big day too. Get the highest quality film possible with a professional videographer.
An experienced and professional videographer knows exactly when and how they can create the best shot. In addition, a professional has good film and sound equipment, so that they can record every part of your wedding well.
Experienced videographers
Our videographers here at Evenses are very experienced in making a wedding film and know exactly what they are doing. They can be used for both a short time such as the ceremony itself or for a full-time period such as the whole day. If you want to book a videographer, you have a choice of three different options:
Making a day film, between 09.00 and 20.00
Filming the party in the evening
A combination of the above options

The videographers and photographers from Evenses are all selected by our entertainment agency. This means that they are professional videographers who deliver perfect work and capture a beautiful memory. If you hire a bridal videographer you will not even notice that they is there. They are hardly visible at work, so you do not have to be afraid that a film crew is constantly watching and that you have to do things for the perfect shot.

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