How to choose the right act for your staff party or drinks reception?


Are you trying to woo a potential client or just want your colleagues to have fun? A staff party is a brilliant option. Wondering how to determine which act you are going to book? By carefully evaluating the best way to approach and execute this party, you can create an experience that not only boosts company morale but also increases employee satisfaction and retention levels across the board! It's essential to start with the basics— how many people are coming, their interests, preferable location to fit everyone, what time best suits all, what theme should the party have and what food and drinks will be served during the occasion—before moving on to specialised planning and eventually event execution.

With our four tips, you will select the right act that suits well your party or event!

Colleagues’ interests

Of course, like any other event or project, you need to be aware of what your guests enjoy and what to expect. Themes, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverage selections, decor, and event agenda must all be considered before you begin to execute your event. Although there are many ways to approach these decisions, and decisions for higher-level ideas like theme and timing often fall on executives of the company instead of the event producer, it's best to work with a team to decide which details are right for your specific company. We can help you decide and organise our party whether it’s going to be a dance party or a dinner.

But first, ask around to find out colleagues’ preferences and use this information to fill in the personnel evening. From our experience, the best time to hold an employee party is probably during the lunch hour. Unfortunately, not everyone may have the opportunity to participate in the event because someone must stay back and answer customer calls and inquiries. But a lunch hour event allows the organisation to control costs and reduces the obligations on employees’ personal time and commitments.

Check out all the options

Have been looking for many different options and haven’t made up your mind? Indeed, there are lots of possibilities of how to enhance your corporate party available for you. Start with the basic planning- what act suits you best? Are you looking for a fantastic opening act of your party? Then, condire hiring a flash mob, fire show or magician. Not interested or want to have entertainment throughout the evening? Perfect, here you can look for a DJ with a band or a dance show accompanied by live music if you require an act for a couple of hours. Think of the interests your colleagues? Would they prefer a DJ for a staff party or a sax player for background music? Check out the available acts for hire and entertain your staff!

Provide variations

Make sure you involve all of your staff members and market it well enough to make everyone enthusiastic about it. You might think you’d need extra energy with this as there are people who will always complain about the party. So, share your plans so that everyone is on the same page. Provide them with a variety of possibilities! Suggest two types of different acts, or provide enough alternatives for party lovers. ​

Could happen that some of your colleagues would rather prefer dancing instead of listening to music or watching a show. For those who don’t know want to be featured on the dance floor, a casino table rental would be the best choice. With a vast range of games available such as Roulette, Blackjack, Craps/Dice, Stud Poker, Wheel of Fortune and Texas Hold’em Poker Tables, all of the premium quality, Evenses can provide you with the fun table casino and the best casino games. ​

Remember to ask your colleagues of what they prefer and open the forum for ideas, opinions, and suggestions! It is always a great idea to involve your staff, take their views and ideas so that they own the party and help you out with the preparations too. Be creative and patient!

Leave together

If you are looking for different myriad entertainment options, from a live band or DJ and dancing to games, contests, and talent shows, performing at the same time, keep in mind that all of your colleagues should have fun! When considering them, try to match the entertainment for people with different interests. Though, it’s essential that everyone can leave the party together. It would be a shame to have the party end slowly and have groups of people going at different times.

Make a priority list

It is worth to request multiple quotes and compare them to ensure you get the best deal. Do not forget to specify all your preferences and the budget. As usual, money is the key. Be upfront and honest about your budget. If you still are unsure about all the options you have, make a priority list. Write down the pros and cons of each act and give them a number; a '1' is somewhat important, and '5' is very important to you. Make the best out of them!

Good luck with your preparation & have fun with your colleagues!

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