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Type the sentence “book a party band” in Google, and you will notice how many searches it has. Every website has different bands suggestion, and tries to attract you with sophisticated words such as 'cheap', 'professional' and 'best'. That is of course very smart, but it does not make your search for a good party band easy. So what exactly can you look for if you want to book a good party band for your own party? I have been researching to make a clear and efficient overview. I have collected five tips of which I think, what you should look out for. Check out our best 5 tips to search your party band with an explanation of importance and points to consider. ​​​

Professionalism and experience

A professional party band with years of experience is, of course, a crucial fact for a good party band. Alternatively, it also works for those musicians, who are well attuned to each other and have at least some experience with performing for an audience.

How to choose from the variety of bands with demos and pictures included a band that is actually 'professional' and has 'experience'? It’s not so difficult! The first step is to look at promo material the band has. The quality of the photo and / or video says a lot about their professionalism. A qualified band cares about the material provided. It all starts with a first impression so that the band won’t miss this change and would try to leave a good one. Of course, quality matters, but it’s not always a case. If the image and demo material is of lesser quality, it might be that the band simply has no budget, or rather more time and attention spent on branding and acting. Then comes the second point. The band’s description on the profile. Quite frequently bands have their own profile on the website, as each act is truly unique. A band description is an overview of bands’ performances, experience, material, music and personalities. From the description, you can get a lot of information to see what kind of band it is. Likewise, what kind of party music does the band play, how do they perform, on what occasions do they act, how long they have been together and a suggested price? With all this information you can see if the band actually suits you.

A band can have very decent material with beautiful photos and videos attached, but then you read they only perform at large parties and festivals and doing a little with weddings.  Please note, if you are looking for a real wedding band, this particular example of the band does not fit in your ideal picture. Coming back to the point of the professionalism and experience of the bands, with a combination of the photos, videos and the description you can paint a good picture of what a band is and how much experience they have. Also, the bands often have some reviews on their profile. Reviews are an essential tool in seeing how others have experienced the bands. So, what I'm going to say now may sound cliché, but it is true. The price of a party band is a perfect indication to know how good they are. You can say, the more expensive, the better. Bands are generally an expensive option compared to other musical acts. This is due to the size of the bands, all technical equipment and their quality. Now, of course, it is up to you to think about the band and how well it fits you.​


In addition to the professionalism and experience of a party band, a band’s performance should also be taken into account. If you are looking for any musical act, then all artists should create an unforgettable and festive atmosphere. As stated above, you can get a good first impression by looking at the photos and videos. With the combination of the demo, material bands have on their profile; they give you a feeling of the atmosphere they exude during a performance. You eventually get an idea of whether a band fits your party. What you should consider are the party band’s uniqueness and originality. Remember that each party is exclusive, and, therefore, every performance is also unique. That is why the visual material is also pure to give you an idea of how the atmosphere would be like.

A professional and good party band first tastes the atmosphere at the party and then adapts to the audience. This allows the band members to create an atmosphere that suits the party and the audience. This is not so difficult for the band members, because performing at a party they also experience as a real party. They immediately radiate a festive atmosphere and make the audience enthusiastic.

What I always think matters the most is the band’s appearance under a particular booking agency. As you want to be helped and succeed by a professional agency, with employees who are experienced in providing entertainment at different occasions.

Personally, I find it essential of the entertainment agency’s website to be nice and professionally done, as it gives me the confidence and trust in a company. Remember what we have already discussed that you can only make a good first impression once. Additionally, what I always pay attention to is the customers’ approach on the website, the proposal and whether they have reviews. All of the stated points are good indications to see if the company is trustworthy and by what means they deal with their customers. A delicate band, with lousy service, is not for you. I hope you found some essential tips of why the visual image of the band, in combination with a booking agency, is also important to keep an eye on. Now it is your turn to look at which agency you feel best and have the most confidence

The size of the party band

Here comes the most significant aspect to think of: the size of the party band. You might be wondering is the size of a party band so important to pay attention to? That does not have anything to do with the quality of a band or whether they are good or not? That's right, only if you have a location with enough space. It might be the case if a professional 9-piece party band quickly changes into a party band to pay at your occasion. Indeed, you don’t want a party band to whines and refuses to perform because space is not there. It indeed is an exaggerated reaction, but you understand my point of where I want to go. If the area is too small, it can cause some problems. Everything still has to be built up; there always has to be room for the artists to move.

Most importantly, there must be a party! That is why it is important to keep an eye on the size of the party band and the place to maintain the quality of the band and the party high. It’s a crucial tip, which is often forgotten a lot. An experienced employee of a booking agency will always ask you about this if he/she doubts the size of the space if space is unknown to him/her. Furthermore, the size of a party band has nothing to do with the quality of the party band. A 3-piece band can play just as well as a 9-person band. It is just what you prefer, whether there is room for it and what your budget allows.

Playing time and the number of sets

To keep the quality of the party band high and efficient, playing time is a crucial factor to consider. Why? The answer is in the runoff: giving a performance always takes a lot of energy. This is regularly underestimated. It’s nearly impossible for a band to play 4 or more hours in a row. It is also not desirable from the band itself, and the quality would eventually deteriorate very quickly. And that is not something you want at your party! That is why bands are generally proposed in few sets. You can assume that each band plays a set of 45 to 50 minutes, with a maximum of 4 sets (there are exceptions to longer playing time, for example, 60 or 90 minutes, but then the band only plays 1 or maximum 2 sets on, with a pause in between). Between the sets, they take a short break of 10 to 15 minutes. When the break is over, the party continues. By keeping this way, the party also maintains the quality you are looking for. If you are still looking for a full evening program of 5 or 6 hours, then you can think of alternative possibilities.

One option is to book a DJ. The band would still play 3 or 4 sets, but the DJ will fill up the remaining time. So you can let the DJ start the party, end the party or use a combination of these. Most bands often have their own DJs to offer. A common question, regarding the breaks, is: 'But is there still music during the break? Or is it a complete silence? We do not want it to be completely silent when the party is in full swing! ' Do not worry; the band will provide music in the breaks. This is also called pause music. They set up a playlist themselves, or if there is a DJ, the DJ will take care of the music during the breaks. So the party does not stop, everyone can take a breath and then the party can continue in full swing. Bands often have a lot of experience in taking care of performances. So you do not have to concern if the party is at the height, there is a break in one go. I hope I have given you some more clarity as to why playing time of a band is necessary to take into account. We also prefer quality rather than quantity!

The supplies and equipment

I hope you are still reading and finding it interesting! Our last tip from the list: the supplies and equipment. Relax! I will not go into the special story and details. It must remain clear and fun to read! What exactly do you have to pay attention to when talking about the needs of a band and/or their equipment? Indeed, that is very simple, and we do not have to make it any more difficult than it is. If the band itself has a sound and light system, you can also assume that they hold a professional system with all the necessary features. Some locations already have a sound and light system, super handy of course! But I still advise you to contact the technical man on spot and the band. It may happen that the on-site equipment does not meet the requirements of the band. It can cause many problems, and we do not want that.

Most bands also have a technical rider, where you can also look for all the technical information of the band. The standard sound and light systems are generally sufficient for about 150 people and can be connected to a conventional power supply. I also advise you, if you request a proposal from a booking agency, always check whether the sound and / or light is included in the price. It saves a lot of regulation and costs for the future.

So, that's a lot of information. But now I feel that your search for a suitable party band will be a lot easier. You now have a number of key points to consider when you come across a party band online, perhaps at a party, or if you contact a booking agency.

My name is Vitalia, and I really enjoyed writing this article for you. I am currently working at Evenses Entertainment as an Event Specialist, with more than 500 bookings of experience. If you want to find everything on our website, check out our sitemap!

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