Poker has recently become very popular. The tension, player interaction and ‘bluffing’ makes it one of the best casino games.


We ensure that you have an authentic casino experience. Whether for your company party, birthday party, bachelor party or wedding, we make sure your guests are entertained. The poker table is fully stocked including dealer and tips. Nine players play simultaneously at a table. Our luxury poker tables can even be used for professional poker. Although many people know the rules and can play poker well, there are many who can not. For these people, we provide a poker clinic. The poker clinic is staffed by our experienced dealers who provide the right tips and advice.


Poker table rentals: the complete package! We offer a complete and affordable package, consisting of:


- 4 hours of playtime

- professional and properly dressed croupiers 

- top quality poker table with maximum comfort 

- All the necessary materials to play 

- jackpot prize for winner

- Luxury chrome bollards with red velvet ropes 

- Assembly and dismantling


We also offer other fun casino games like:


- Roulette 

- BlackJack 

- Wheel of Fortune

- Authentic casino slot machines


Nice decoration options for additional casino atmosphere:


We offer some nice options: a banner of Las Vegas or the entrance of a Casino, on a large canvas (3 x 5m). The fabric is hung on a self-contained tubular frame. The set comes with lights and provides a real casino feel at your party or event. We have numerous themes combinations: Las Vegas party, Mafia party or James Bond. 

Do you want a spectacular entrance for your guests? We can arrange a luxurious red carpet for you.


Poker Description:


Each player receives two cards, which must be kept secret from the opponents. Five cards are placed face down by the dealer. Now the players must bet a fixed amount (this is required). If the first bet is paid players can choose to say "call" (to pay the required bet), they can say "raise" (to increase the required bet), or they can "fold" (they throw the cards away and no longer take part in the game). 

Then it is time to turn over the first card. The poker player says whether they want to increase (raise), go (call) or leave (fold), a card is then turned over etc. 

Each bet is placed in an imaginary pot and the winner of the game gets it. In poker, players often ‘pretend’ to have good cards, they raise the stakes when knowing they have nothing good in hand. 

By using this tactic, they ensure you might fold and they get the pot, this is what it is called bluffing. 

You can also go all-in, which means that you bet all you have on the table.


Renting a poker table is a real eye-catcher for your anniversary party, conference, cocktail or birthday party. Do you want to rent a poker table, or do you have questions? Ask for a quote or contact us!